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Forms: Ability to copy multiple fields from one form to another

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In version 19.5 it was possible to copy muliple fields from one invoice to another. It was even possible to copy from say an item layout to a service invoice. This saved alot of time and means you could easily make the different invoices look exactly the same. That feature has gone now.


"Copying fields when customising invoices"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2013

Thanks for the great idea Helen. We would love to hear what others think about this. Please show your support with further votes and comments.

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Since this is a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate I will repeat it again.


Dear MYOB,


In version 19 you used to be able to use the M-Powered form to customise a normal form template.  We liked to use the M-Powered forms due to the set format and just edit them as we liked.


Now in 2014.3 I get a "new" error message I have not seen before every time I want to print the template I just spend 1.5 hours fiddling around and creating.  The client will not be happy with this and now I will spend another 1.5 hours creating it in the non m-powered format.:smileysad:


Also in version 19 you could copy from one form to another you can't do that anymore.:smileysurprised:


Lastly 2014.3 doesn't even have M-Powered invoices so why bother with this message???.:smileyindifferent:


Can we have the features back that did work?


Frustrated much...



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Hi Renae, @CloudMindAcc 


I was not checking up on you quite the contrary and sincerely apologise for indicating that you had not yet voted for the idea as I could not find where your comments had been added to it.  However, you have since added your pertinent comments which gives substance to your vote and spells out to the development team you needs; well done.


Thank you.


Best Regards

Tony Lane - Penguin - Tasmania

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I have spent a large number of hours customising each individual form with our company's font and logo style. I think it would be brilliant if there was an option to set the default font, logo and appearance of each form so that this generic style could be applied against all other forms. I believe that this would save all of your MYOB customers so much time!

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Thanks for the great suggestion @AshL. This idea has been raised previously and is very popular. I recommend that you cast your vote for this idea here:

Copying fields when customising invoices.

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Yes I agree with the above. Just made myself a lovely customised Activity Statement only to find that the Invoice Statement suited our business better. Was hoping I could just rename a file from one to the other but that wasn't an option. Thought then I can just copy and paste the whole form accross but to my shock I found can only copy and paste one item at a time. Needed the form done so was a long and lengthy process but finally got it done to my satisfaction.


Being able to select multiple items at the same time to paste to another form would be the ideal way to go :-)




Scott Cook


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Yes, its a rediculous situation that

a)  you can no longer copy a template between invoice types and then simply adjust as necessary


b)  Select ALL in the template editor is useless to say the least given you cannot copy anything other than a single template element at a time.



Finally, the template editor hasnt really improved in 10yrs.

- finite selection skills to even make a box dragable to a new location - you dont ALWAYS want to be editing the text inside it....pft...!!



Will this be fixed?

I'm now going to have to spend my hours duplicating template layouts for a product that charges $100's a year just to get the latest version rather than working on my business.

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Thank you for your comments and feedback 

Currently this idea has been marked as Under Consideration. 


The normal process for an Idea posted on Ideas Exchange would go through a few stages. We would mark the post as "Under Consideration" and encourage users to vote and comment for this idea. If the idea does generate a number of votes and comments we mark it has high demand meaning we will investigate and attempt to implement that idea ahead of other ideas with lesser demand.

As of 17/02/2015 the idea exchange have had 63 ideas implemented from it and some of the ideas have been marked as Planned.

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Any word on if this will ever happen?

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Hi @PatKelly

Thank you for voting for this idea.

Currently this idea has been marked as Under Consideration. At this stage we don't have a time frame for when this particular idea will be added to the program. However we do still encourage clients to vote and comment if required for this particular idea.

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Seriously this has been under consideration since 2012?  I am spending hours copying little boxes - when will this move from "under consideration" to "save customer hours - just get it done"?