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Forms: Ability to select order in list

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Hi, I am using AccountRight Live version 2013.0.14.9524,

it would be great if we could choose the order in which to organise our forms.

Currently any new invoices I create go to the bottom of the list. They appear to be organised in date order with all the MYOB templates at the top. I don't want to delete the MYOB templates, but I am not using them. I have tried an "a" and a "1" at the start with no luck. It makes it hard to train staff as we use a number of invoice templates. It gets even more complicated as there also appears a problem with MYOB printing the wrong customised forms meaning I can't use the names of the forms I want to, another topic I have posted elsewhere.



"Organise Customised Forms"


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Hi Sonia


What your comment is telling me is that you have  set up you customer cards to either no default or miscellaneous. In the customer card >selling details - if you set the layout to anything other than the above a new line appears which allows you to allocate the Printed Form.



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Yes and in selling details under printed forms it would be great if I could list my forms in the order I choose. The form still needs to be selected from a list starting with 10 MYOB invoices.

So what you are telling me is that this can't be done?


I do set up standard invoices for client cards but I don't always use the same form template for each client. For example I may wish to use an Overdue or Debt Collection Invoice.



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Please include this in your next update! If you use any more than one customised form this is extremely frustrating, especially since you are unable to remove any of the default forms from the top of your list.