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Forms: Invoices - Show prompt payment discount amount value

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We give customers a  prompt payment discount.


It would be great if we could print this on the invoice. For example, "Total if Paid Before…” I have seen other companies do this on their bills. It might help people pay us faster.



"Discount on Invoice"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a sensible idea - I wonder if other businesses need this? Use the Vote button if you like this idea.

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 Hi @Netty 

Thanks for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight program and discounts on invoices, I have shared it with the team.

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MYOB have been unresponsive and ignored several years of clients requesting that prompt payment discounts be shown on their customer invoices. Why not MYOB!!: smileymad:

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Hi @MainlandSpreadThank you for your feedback and voting for this particular idea.

One of the advantages of the AccountRight Idea Exchange is to have a central location for these particular ideas. This way we can collate the feedback and MYOB Community Forum users that are keen on an idea to look into its possible inclusion in future updates to the program. 

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On your sales invoice, I would like to see at the bottom payment amount and date for payments made within our credit tersm.  



If Paid by Due Date



If Paid after due Date


This invoice is quiet clear to me (the customer) that if I pay by the due date I can take up the discount.


Inserting the date to be paid by would be an advantage as well.


Please advise how I can do this.  I am using Account Edge.


Thank you, Sharon



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I would love to see the early payment discount clearley displayed and explained on invoices printed and on the new online invoices that are emailed. I think debtors would pay more promptly if this was included. I realise that it shows the discounted amount on the online invoice, but there is not explination re cutoff dates or mention that the reduced price is actually a discount for early payment.

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I have recently just started to offer this early payment discount to my customers, but subsiquently realised that this discount isnt shown on the invoices ... which I find to be pretty rediculous really, the options of customising the forms arent even an option as the field are just not there to add??


Having trawled through the community group postings, this has now been requested for years I think 2011 / 2012 was the first posting I saw requesting this GUYS ITS NOW 2016 ... yet here we are still asking and still no result.


This really is such a basic feature that a lot of accounting packages have built in as standard.


We cannot rely on our customers to calculate and take the discount off as they always get it wrong.  


If a feature like this is available in MYOB (which is it is, all the options are there in the card file) why has it not been fully followed though?


You advertise that MYOB is designed to make accounting and getting paid faster, well adding this feature is a sure way of doing this for a lot of companies, especially those companies who are producing 100's of invoices a month

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Under customer terms if you load a payment discount date where the MYOB information box states "select the date by which payment must be made to receive a discount"  This date in exclusive of this date when payments come in.  It should really be inclusive of this date.  the way it is programmed the discount drops off if the payment is made on this date.

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Not having the early payment discount shown on the invoice is very unprofessional.


The purpose of subscribing and paying a lot of money for a business accounting software is to make life easier and have a profesional look about your business. I have customers pay the full amount within the disount period than wonder why they have a credit at the end of the month.


I have looked at other acounting software and this feature is offered to show the discount amount on both the invoice as well as the statement.


You need 2 payment totals with the invoice sturcture. 1 with the discount amount shown in dollars, the other with the total of the invoice if not paid with n the discount period.


Please let me know when this is available so my invoice structure can be changed to a more professional look.

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Can someone please come back to me on the option of having a pay on time discount line on an invoice and statement. I would like this to be adjusted as per the clients card file so it has the ability to be different for each client.


The invoice and statement needs to show both the on time amount as well as the total if not paid within the discount period.


This would help make the business more user friendly for my client as well as more professional for my business.


Sorry if I have over looked something in the forums but I could not find this option anywhere.