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Forms: Pay slip - Employee Address field

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MYOB (a couple of versions ago) used to include the Employee's address field in the payslip template.  I am required to mail payslips to employees and am reduced to hand addressing envelopes instead of folding into window envelopes.


I know many people receive their payslips via email and this is an excellent feature, however, there are still people who want/need their slips in hardcopy.


Please add the employee address field back into the payslip template.


"Employee name and address on pay slips"


Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2023

Hi Everyone


Adding the Payee field to your pay slip form in AccountRight 2022 will showcase the employee's name and if expanded out vertically will showcase the Address 1 field from the employee's card. 

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As you have fields that can be added to payslip customisation, is it possible to have the employees mailing address also available to add to the payslip? There are several reasons for this as we have a large number of Itinerent employees (some only working 1 week then moving on) I have to mail and this would save printing labels, the other is I print a separate letter from card file advising "we are not responsible if you do not keep us updated with your current address for mailing of PAYG summaries", again as 95% of our 80 yearly employees only work 3-4 weeks a year with us. It would be great just to check it when adding fields. I use a text box for the employer also, but if this could be checklisted then the casual employee has the employer contact details(address, phone. email etc) all on 1 piece of paper

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I am having the same problem - it should be an easy adjustment to have an employee address field on a payslip - it seems that this information has already been entered onto the employee card - Is there a simple solution that I haven't got yet ? I want to use window face envelopes with employee's name and address fields

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Thank you for your post. We understand that having the payslips include the employees' address would make it easy to mail hard copies of payslips. As a workaround you could enter the address details in the Notes field (under Card Details tab) of the employees' card, and use the Data Field 'Notes from Card' in the payslip form. We request others who would like the employee address fields as an available Data Field on payslip forms to please vote and add comments.
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Hi @MartinWhite 


Thank you for your feedback. 


As mentioned in my previous post, we can definitely see the benefit in being able to include the address from the employee's card in the payslip. 


As a workaround you could enter the address details in the Notes field (under Card Details tab) of the employees' card, and use the Data Field 'Notes from Card' in the payslip form.


Also, in order for your vote to count, could you please take a moment to vote on this Idea by clicking on the Vote button at the top left hand side of this thread.

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With over 100 employees, it isn't practical to go through each job card to make this change and I also use notes for it's intended purposes (making notes).


Given that each employee card has an address field, i would imagine it is a relatively easy thing to do to insert into the payslip customisation.

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I agree with EddieT (10-07-2014)

Having worked with Database creation and design, including form and report design, it is not difficult to add extra fields to allow the user to select and unselect.  Address field should have been included by default.

So please add my vote to this suggestion.



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This can be done easily in Xero. I have just migrated to MYOB and find this more than a bit disappointing you cannot use any / all fields in an employee contact card to create a payslip.


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I agree with these comments and was wondering what the status is of getting this as an option of the address on the payslips as it is very time consuming writing out addresses

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Hi @Bronwynne

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea.

As to the status, the idea has been marked in as Under Consideration. This means we are still investigating the possibility of adding it into the program with future releases. At this stage we are still encouraging members of the Community to vote and comment for this idea.

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It would seem lodgical to include the Address field as a default to the Payslip Template & those who do not require it can remove it.


Given that the posts on this matter have been "Under Consideration" for 3 years and no action has taken place, I will not bother to waste any further time on the matter.