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Forms: Statements - Due Date column

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Hi, I'd really like to be able to put the due date of invoices on a statement (I have been hoping this would be implemented for years).


Some of our clients have different due dates for different things they order and it is never clear on a statement exactly what makes up the aging period 1, 2  and 3 or what is actually overdue. I think this would help us greatly with getting clients to pay on time and displying to them exacly what we're "harassing" them over Smiley Happy


The field is already there and can be used in invoices, so I'm not sure why it isn't available in statements. I dont want to have to use another field or enter in the due date for each invoice (as some suggestions I've seen previously).



"Due Date on Statement"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

Thanks for the excellent suggestion @Jesslc. Anyone would like to see invoice due dates added to statements, please vote for this idea.

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I agree that the due date should show on statement - this would solve so many problems with the 30 day count and when you print the statements!

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I can't believe MYOB still has not done anything about adding trading terms on statements. We have a mixture of trading terms of 7 days, 14 days and 30 days so there is no standard text that can be added to the statement format to solve this. What is the point of sending a statement to a customer when there is nothing on there telling them what the payment terms are? When is MYOB going to fix this?

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It seems MYOB are only interested in increasing their monthly charges for changing their logo, fonts and prettiness of the GUI. By their own admission, there is only 1 idea currently "In Development", and that is from 2012!! So many great, simple and useful ideas in the Ideas Exchange, and they're all languishing in "Under Consideration". Appalling lack of development for a product that just keeps getting more expensive. I have several friends who have already made the switch to Xero and I feel we'll be following them shortly.

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Just wondering if Due Dates on Supplier Bills is still under consideration? Surely this is a simple fix, something for the 1% days that I've heard about?

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Great idea. Should have been done years ago - commonsense.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE this is an excellent idea

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Please can this be done - due dates allowed on statements

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Our customers requested to see due date on Statements. Is this something myob can do?

No workarounds please, I am aware due date is available on other reports but I am interested to see this on Invoice Statements that get sent from myob and customers can see it. In this industry, sales can be booked for current or future seasons with different due date and hence the relevance of different due dates.

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This excellent idea was suggested back in Oct 2014 - 7.5 years ago... Is there any progress on this, please?



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I know this was asked as early as 2014 ... but still nothing

Any chance on getting a "due Date" field on statements