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Get Statement: Rule set up

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Please could we be able to apply rules to Imported Statements in one of 2 ways


Either - let us import statements into the Bank Feeds window so that the Rules functionality will apply

Or - add the rules functionality to the Get Statement window (from either Bank Register or Bank Reconciliation)


We get many clients who give us accounts just once per year and it's all retrospective. It's very frustrating having to code a years worth of transactions knowing the functinality exists elsewhere in the product, and fully exists in a competitor product


"Bank Feeds - Transaction Rules"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2023

Hi Everyone

Using the Import Statement function in the AccountRight Browser interface will import the transactions into the Bank transactions window. This would allow the user's bank feed rules to be applied to those transactions.

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When working with downloaded bank statements in the 'Unmatched Statement Transactions' Window, it would be a great little auto function if MYOB could automatically click the correct deposit to account - i.e. the cheque account as that's where the data has come in from in downloaded statement.


If data had previously been allocated to another account prior (i.e. a cheque had been received and added to the undeposited funds account, then MYOB will just use the prior account used. It would save a little time for the user and also prevent errors in account allocation if MYOB would recognise the data was coming from a cheque account not into undeposited account. Can't remember this issue in MYOB vz 19.x but I haven't checked that. Would be nice if MYOB was a little more 'intelligent' in these aspects, so to speak.

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I think this is a great idea and would enable faster data entry for people who do not use bank feeds

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I would prefer importing into the bank feeds window - the Get statement is so clunky.

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I would also prefer importing into the bank feed window. I don't see the point in having 2 seperate windows for what is essentially the same process.

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Thanks for the feedback Murray, We originally didn't do QIF import into the bank feed screen for simplicity sake, but I can see it's a helpful idea. We also like the idea of getting historical data from banks so you can specify to get historical data when you first start a bank feed which I think would be good.
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Due to the fact that there are many different types of bank accounts & credit cards which cannot be linked up to bank feeds function, we NEED a solution for these accounts quickly.  


I agree with Murray's comment requesting a 'Rule' section to be added to the 'Get Statement' option.  I know it is possible as it is currently in the AccountEdge version.  All my apple clients are happy with the time saved each month with the bank reconciliation process and I'd like this to be available to my Window's clients as well.


This request has been sitting around for over a year and the need of this functionality to be introduced to AccountRight Live is imperative.  


Why is this so important?  Clients who use AMEX or Paypal are the most affected - neither of these are able to be linked via the Bank Feeds section and they have a load of transactions on them which is extremely timeconsuming.    The longer it takes MYOB to finding a solution, the more clients you loose to Xero and other competitors which already have this set up now.


I suggest reading this post about Paypal transactions within the bank reconciliation screen and how long it takes that person to process their transactions.  


We really need the 'Get Statement' function improved so that all users don't need to waste hours of our precious time doing mundain data entry when the functionality exists elsewhere.

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The 'Get Statement' function within the banking command centre needs to be improved for AccountRight Live.


As bookkeepers and accountants, we have many clients who need to use this function as their bank account or credit card is not supported by the bank feeds function and therefore can't be linked up.


It is very timeconsuming when importing any QIF file when you need to add a transaction - especially when there are multitudes of them.


Clients who use AMEX and Paypal are currently the most affected as neither are supported via bank feeds and therefore we need to use the 'Get Statement' function.  We then need to manually add every single transaction which is tiresome especially when the same transaction occurs multiple times.  We aren't the only ones experiencing this either - there are many posts already in this forum requesting solutions (add to bank feeds / improvements to Get Statement function etc).


I'd like to see the 'Get Statement' function in AccountRight Live match the 'Get Statement' function in the current AccountEdge software, namely:

  • Ability to add rules to the imported unmatched transctions
  • Ability to quickly enter the account and job codes against unmatched transactions on the same screen without needing to open up the Spend/Receive Money windows.


This will significantly improve the bank reconciliation process for everyone who can't use the bank feeds function and are therefore forced to use the Get Statement function.

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Thank you for your feedback, @interAccounts. I've posted a response to your other Idea Exchange post requesting improvements to the Get Statements function as well as requesting AMEX and PayPal bank feeds.

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I suggest adding a function on BankFeeds page so we are able to upload old bank statements in .qif format so we can create and run rules on old bank statements as well not only on the new bank feeds.


I know that we can import a .qif statements in bank reconciliation screen but there you cannot create rules and run there.


This function is in Essential and I hope that we can have it in AccountRight. I work for a public practice and I work on different clients during the week, some client have backlog of data entry for months and years. This way would make it much easier and faster to work on backlogs.

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Hi @Jmourtada 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and importing bank files.

You can import bank transactions using the Banking>>Bank Register>>Get Statement option. This is similar to bank feeds,as it allows you to match transactions already in the file and also create new transactions of those bank transactions.

For more information into Get Statement please the Help Article: Reconciling your bank accounts - section To Reconcile by importing a bank statement or the Support Note: Importing bank statements using the "Get Statement function.