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Identifiers: Increase number of identifiers

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We are a manufacturing and distribution company who deliver multiple times per week to customers on different delivery runs. 


We have traditionally used identifiers as a way to organsie our customer lists for collecting orders and for filtering sales item reports for packing each truck.


We have ultilised all 26 identifiers and are searching for a way to now identify our customers with more than 1 identifier. 


Jobs, categories and custom lists arent useful because we need to be able to allocate up to 6 different truck runs to a single customer.


If anyone has any ideas this would be great. 


Ideally there would be a way to have more than 26 identifiers. 


Thank you




"More identifiers"

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Could you use a job no for each customer (you can have as many job nos as you like) the a code following that job no that identifies the truck

or a job no for each truck with a code identifying each customer associated with that truck - whichever way works best.

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Hi @Emma1201 , could you give us some examples of the identifiers you are using, and illustrate how and why you would apply multiple identifiers on a customer card?


I've seen files with run numbers, but either less than 26 identifiers are used or they use a custom list as any customer only appears on one run.