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In Tray: Print linked document

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I have some suggestions for the new in tray application:


1 - Print function from the PDF view. Why has this been disabled? To be able to view your bill is fantastic, but you will need to print it out at various times for refunds or warranties etc. 


2 - Mapping. It would be great to be able to map the fields to the document so it knows where to get the information from for that particular supplier, so next time it can input the data. I haven't had any of my bills read correctly yet Smiley Happy


3 - End of year. Will all the pdfs save with the data file? Maybe an end of year back up function that actually saves the pdfs with the datafile. Otherwise how do we keep the records with the file in case of an audit?


Thanks, Prue


"In tray"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2020

Hi All,


With AccountRight 2020.1 now released, this includes the ability to launch the attached PDF in your computer's default PDF Reader. As the old AccountRight Reader was unable to read specific information on newer age PDF's this will provide the ability to view all PDF's in your usual PDF Reading Tool that is constantly up to date. Once you have opened the PDF in your usual viewer you should be able to print with your pre-configured printer.


If your PDF's are launching in something else and not your preferred reader, you can simply change the default reader in your Windows Default Apps section. See here for steps on how to do this: How to Change Default PDF Viewer in Windows 10


On the topic of Mapping Data, as the OCR service is designed to be a universal service it is constantly learning and mapping new fields that can be read on the PDF's being uploaded using Machine Learning. While the maps can get wrong, we are always happy to investigate. If you have some Documents that aren't being read correctly, feel free to Start a new Post on the relevant Product Board to let us know of this case and we can get in touch to see what we can improve.


As a final note on backups, we have collected the most common questions on Backups in AccountRight and have the answers available on this: FAQs about AccountRight 2019 - Backups


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 Hi @Prue-Jody 

Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and the In Tray.

1. When you view a document via the In Tray there will be the option to Save As. This would allow you to save the documents so that they can be printed if required. 

2. The In Tray feature included in AccountRight 2015.1 is a first release we are looking into adding additional functionality with updates and background changes to the way in which in reads the uploaded documents.

3. Provided that the company file is in the cloud the documents can be seen and saved if required for auditing purposes. The end of financial year process will not impact the documents that are saved in the In Tray or attached to a Bill, it is the location of the file.It would need to be in the cloud, if you do wish to remove it from the cloud or take a backup of the file you would need to save a copy of the documents.

I would encourage other users that would like to see one of more of these ideas to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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Great suggestion Prue-Jody


Mapping data from a suppliers invoice format is an obvious and based on other comments and suggestions a neccessary improvement. Especially for those who have a few main suppliers.


I agree that an export function for invoices would be great for end of year. For instance what happens to pdf's oince a year is locked? It would be good to be able to export a comressed file with all the invoices from that financial year.



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I have been using the In Tray for Purchases and its great. Just a suggestion, an In Tray for Sales would be really helpfull. That way we can save Job Cards and any other documents relating to a customers invoice and be able to access them at the click of a button.


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HI @SharnieR

Thank you for your feedback in regards to the In Tray.

There is also the idea  In-Tray for Sales? which has been suggested to allow the In Tray option for Sales. If you would recommend showing your support by voting and commenting if required for that idea .

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I'd like to add to the above great suggestions and have the facility to link invoices to a spend money transaction - we use these for credit card transactions mostly .


On the EOY backup question - perhaps you could add an option to Back Up Compay File that allows for the download of all pdf's from the cloud storage. 



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Thank you very much for your suggestions @Pam-Griffin


Our developers are definitely considering improving In Tray to cater for more transaction types, Spend Money transaction would definitely be a nice addition. I would also encourage you to show your support for this similar idea: In Tray for sales.


Being able to download all stored documents at the end of the Financial Year would also be a convenient option, I have also shared your feedback with the team. 

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To reduce the amount of paper i am currently printing. It would be a lot more efficient if we could print invoices after they have been linked to a purchase.


For example when opening up a purchase that has a linked invoice, then enlarging the attached invoice and having a print button next to the save button would allow me print the document when i need it.

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As much as it would be a perfect world if we were paperless, sometimes we need a hard copy.  It would be very handy if you could print the linked document after viewing, whether it be from the purchases register or from a supplier invoice report.




"IN TRAY - Option to print linked document when viewing invoice"

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For my idea, I would like other uses to the file be able to print out the purchase invoice from either the in tray or the purchase entry, reason being the accountant may need to scan it etc. Would you be able to allocate a print method to this?

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I would totally agree as it would be a bit pointless if you were allowed to view a saved document without being able to print or export it for external use.