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In Tray: Print linked document

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I have some suggestions for the new in tray application:


1 - Print function from the PDF view. Why has this been disabled? To be able to view your bill is fantastic, but you will need to print it out at various times for refunds or warranties etc. 


2 - Mapping. It would be great to be able to map the fields to the document so it knows where to get the information from for that particular supplier, so next time it can input the data. I haven't had any of my bills read correctly yet Smiley Happy


3 - End of year. Will all the pdfs save with the data file? Maybe an end of year back up function that actually saves the pdfs with the datafile. Otherwise how do we keep the records with the file in case of an audit?


Thanks, Prue


"In tray"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2020

Hi All,


With AccountRight 2020.1 now released, this includes the ability to launch the attached PDF in your computer's default PDF Reader. As the old AccountRight Reader was unable to read specific information on newer age PDF's this will provide the ability to view all PDF's in your usual PDF Reading Tool that is constantly up to date. Once you have opened the PDF in your usual viewer you should be able to print with your pre-configured printer.


If your PDF's are launching in something else and not your preferred reader, you can simply change the default reader in your Windows Default Apps section. See here for steps on how to do this: How to Change Default PDF Viewer in Windows 10


On the topic of Mapping Data, as the OCR service is designed to be a universal service it is constantly learning and mapping new fields that can be read on the PDF's being uploaded using Machine Learning. While the maps can get wrong, we are always happy to investigate. If you have some Documents that aren't being read correctly, feel free to Start a new Post on the relevant Product Board to let us know of this case and we can get in touch to see what we can improve.


As a final note on backups, we have collected the most common questions on Backups in AccountRight and have the answers available on this: FAQs about AccountRight 2019 - Backups


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You can save a linked document in Purchases to your computer or your nominated location to be able to print or use for other purposes.


When you open the linked document, in the top left-hand corner is the icon to save the document to a designation outside of AccountRight.



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We need a print option available when we view a linked document. 


Having to download them first is a real hassle. 


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Would be great to be able to print the supplier invoices that are attached to bills without having to save it to print.

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It would also be great if you could email from the PDF view.

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It is necessary sometimes to get a hard copy of a supplier invoice. Ideally needs to be a feature available to administrator level if not authorised in the user profile.

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Yes, definately. Currently I have to go to another screen or save the document to get a print out when a simple print function would be so very handy. 

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Hi There,

It would be most helpful if were had a option to be able to print a supplier invoice or statement from the In Tray.

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Hi. I agree. This is a no-brainer. Often someone wants to look at an original invoice (long-since archived) that has been linked to a purchase but I am unable to print out the linked invoice to hand to them. I can only show someone the original linked invoice by having them look at the computer screen. Now that we are having invoices and statements sent from suppliers directly to the In Tray it would also be very handy to be able to print out the statement (which will not go to the next "linking" step) to double check that all monthly invoices listed on the statement have been entered on to MYOB. When I phoned up about this issue I was told to save the doc in the In Trayto my computer and then print it out. Doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of this "upgrade"?

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I also would like to see a print option direct from the Purchases In-Tray in future release.