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Integration: ODBC Driver for AccountRight





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I've installed AccountRight 2012, but there is no ODBC software that accompanies the installation.  I use ODBC heavily to extract data into Excel, Access etc for additonal mining and reporting.  Hence, I will not upgrade until this functionality is available.  My apologies if this has been answered previously.


"ODBC Driver for AccountRight 2012"



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: August 2013

We are happy to say that our API is now available for developers. You can find out more here:

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Any chance for an update on when the API will be available to replace the ODBC driver for Accountright 2012?

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Thanks again for your feedback. The API for AccountRight is currently in beta testing. You can register your interest at
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We are happy to say that our API is now available for developers. You can find out more here:
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Hi Raff,


Like you our legacy Excel and Access solutions would no longer work after upgrading to MYOB AccountRight Live as query tables could not connect to the API in the cloud. To continue using them we had to get the data into a database which they consume using an ODBC or similar connection. So we developed code in Excel to connect to the web based API and download the data into a Local Access Database. As the end points in the MYOB AccountRight Live  API are different to the v19 ODBC driver we created conversion tables to shape the data into the old v19 format. To handle multiple data files we created the ability to support multiple connections which can support both v19 and v2017 simultaneously. We packaged this solution into an addon called ODBClink which you can download and trial. There is also an unsupported Free edition available with restricted functionality


Jeff Stephenson

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