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Inventory: Increase character limit for Item name

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It would be really handy if the item name could be longer than 30 characters, if we could have a maximum of 50 characters it would make life much easier.


I know that you can select to use the description instead but this doesn't show up everywhere in MYOB and sometimes we need that space for other information.  We have over 5000 different items in our file and 30 words is just not enough most of the time.


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"Item name length needs to be longer"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

Thanks for the idea of having more characters in the item name field MHS. We would love to hear if other users would also like to see the field length extended. Please add a vote if you would like to see this enhancement.

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I Agree. The field is too small

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We definitely need an increase in the Inventory field.  30 characters is way too small.  Please increase it.

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 Hi MYOB Team, 

Wondering if this has been implemented or when would this occur?

As finding it frustrating the limitations of a character field, when a description field should be minimum 50 characters. 


Thank you. 

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The "items details/description" appears to have space for a lot more characters than possible.   I like to use this field because when I do an advanced search for a particular item it uses these words in the search and surprisingly item descriptions often have many characters.

Happy to see that updating this is under consideration.

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Yes the word count is a joke as we sell fairly expensive power equipment which is customised to each site. 30 words just doesn’t justify an item worth over 10K.

At present i often have to do quotes using excel and then invoice using myob- double entry and frustrating. 

Why the limit i do t really know - sone sort of marketing con to make you buy the larger package? 

Exo for example doesn’t have this limit.

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Add More Characters... 30 is too few... And dont tell me to use the Description. It seems a little arbritrary to limit the Item Name to 30 Characters. Its the name of the Item!! Given the limited search options in MYOB when looking up items, a longer Item Name makes sense!


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Increase spaces in Item Name Box

How many requests from clients do MYOB need to proceed with the requests for more space in the 'Item Name' box???

It can't be that difficult for one of their Tech staff to amend then include it in one of the frequent updates.

This request has been going on since 2013 by the comments I see.

There are plenty of other provider options out there these days, so MYOB needs to be far more responsive to requests than this.

I would suggest at least 50 spaces or more leaving it well open to MYOB clients to adapt their invoice spacing options to tailor their specific needs.

Get with it MYOB...please

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"In the Namefield, type the name of the new item."

The field is not long enough to describe some items especially when having to add drawing numbers or codes. 

When will MYOB fix this problem?

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Please vote for this so that it will be noticed and something done about it.

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Yes please atleast 50 characters would be invaluable and great use for invoicing through/with Servicem8

The sooner the better please