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Inventory: Move Items - Print movement list

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When we did stock movement from A to B, MYOB should let us to print out a piece of paper for warehouse people to do the movement job.


at the moment, there is no print the specified stock move available. which makes our job hard.




"Let us to print item movement notice"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @Ausresearch The ability to print out the details of an item movement would certainly allow greater visibly for user of Enterprise's multiple locations feature. Anyone who would like this feature, please cast your vote here.

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I doubt MYOB will respond as they do not seem to care what the paying customer/users of the programme requires


The director of my company keeps pushing me to discuss legal action against MYOB as they have falsley adverted to us regarding the programme change and the updates, MYOB promised that when they required us to go down a level from MYOB Enterprises to MYOB AccountRight due to STP that ALL functionality would be the exact same and only the onscreen view would be the change - however we have lost use of alot of important reports and the ability to create any type of custom reports beides the ones the programmer decided we required.


We are unable to keep a saved custom report in a personal list of reports that are only viewable to the director and myself e.g P&L / Ledgers as the saved custom reports are visiable to ALL users of which we do not like that there is no way of blocking certain type of users from viewing or utilising no matter what level of access we give the employee in the initial set up


MYOB Enterprise we use to be able to view what users are currently connected on MYOB and with AccountRight we are unable to to see active users, this makes its hard when we require users to to get off system for multi back up purposes etc 


The list goes on and on with the problems with MYOB and we are highly disappointed that they not only have falsly adverted to us but do not seem to want to address any of the issues nor respond to any enquiries 

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Strongly agree, we were infact misled by MYOB in our upgrade from Premier to Account Right, insome aspects Premier out performed Account Right that we were told upon migration to Account Right we would have a seemless inventory locations transfer capability that once in Account Right was no where to be found! Also, the following.............

@SweetOz wrote:

There is no functionality for printing a report when transferring stock from location to location. There is also no report that can be printed after the transfer has been done and there is no reference in the stock inventory item that a transfer has been made.  ????  


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Hi all

Just in case everyone isnt aware but MYOB was owned by  in 2017


With regard to MYOB, which has long been Australia's favoured accounting software package, opinions could not be more divided.

The business was bought from Archer Capital by esteemed private equity house Bain Capital in 2011 for $1.3 billion – and re-listed in 2015. Bain, of course, is well known for its association with 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

At present MYOB's enterprise value is $2.5 billion. That's roughly the same size of rival Xero, the New Zealand-based, dual-listed cloud computing juggernaut that is backed by venture capitalist all-stars such as Accel Partners and Donald Trump's Silicon Valley booster Peter Thiel.


and then by  in 2019


SYDNEY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Global investment firm KKR and leading Australian online business management company MYOB Group Limited (“MYOB” or the “Company”) today announced the completion of the previously announced acquisition of MYOB by KKR.

David Lang, Member at KKR, said, “MYOB is a true leader in the growing and innovative business solutions software segment. We are excited to partner with and support MYOB as it accelerates the company’s growth plans in Australia and New Zealand while also exploring the significant opportunities it has to offer its customers new products and solutions.”

Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB, said, “The past year has been an eventful one for MYOB in which we accelerated our investment in the MYOB Platform and fast-tracked its delivery to our customers. This rollout helped us to achieve even greater online subscriber growth and propelled us to a leading position in Australia and New Zealand’s online accounting market. Now with KKR’s support and expertise, we are even better positioned for future growth. I am confident the business will continue to thrive well into the future, and am excited to embark on MYOB’s next chapter.”


So seeing as its owned by Venture capital its unlikely anything will ever be done to improve it


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A possible alternative to the inadequate Move Items function is to record a purchase using an 'internal' supplier card (eg "Stock transfers") with GST set to N-T. A move will have two lines, + and - qty, and two locations. The unit cost should be prompted, and will be normally the same on each line, so the value of the transaction is always nil.


(There is scope for higher costs in the receiving location, with a 3rd line to pick up the difference as a credit to eg freight, but there's no point doing that as AccountRight uses the overall average cost figure for sales, regardless of location). 


This internal purchase can be printed, and is a full auditable record.