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Jobs: Print job sheet to give to employees




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We run a electricians business When we get jobs in I give them to staff on a paper job sheet. It would be great if MYOB could print off a job sheet with the detail of the work, and the customers address etc. It would even be better if I could do it on a Iphone while out and about.

"Job Sheet"

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Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the feedback. Do other people need to manage jobs like this? It would be interesting to hear others thoughts on this, especially the idea of managing Jobs on mobile devices.

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Thanks for the feedback. Do other people need to manage jobs like this? It would be interesting to hear others thoughts on this, especially the idea of managing Jobs on mobile devices.
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I have just been googling this exact same thing ...please please please MYOB can you get it happening really quickly .... Smiley Happy

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Presently in V19.5 I have clients doing a "sales order" and printing off a jobsheet format to give to their staff. The ability to access this off an ipad or like would be good - to then manage time and products used on the job, but allowing changes to be made once the job is completed and invoiced. Another plumber client mange their time using GoogleCal - if this could be downloaded into MYOB, this would be good.

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I have a refrigeration service buisiness, where we complete a service docket for each job which we get sighned by the customer, it would be awesome if this sheet was on myob so we could complete and turn straight into a invoice and click send.

Other accounting programmes have this feature

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Hello Steve,


One of the great, but sadly unrecognised, features of MYOB is that you can already do this.


Firstly create a Service Docket form by copying your current Invoice and then copying and saving it as a Packing Slip and edit  to include a provision for the client to sign and with any other detail that you require. Edit the text  field that says 'Sale Type' or 'Packing Slip' to "SERVICE DOCKET" or whatever you want to call the form.


When a client calls firstly create in your MYOB a new order  for the details. This becomes your Service Order. Print this and it should be on your new Service Docket form.


After the service is complete open the Order, edit if required and then convert it to an Invoice. You can now print or email it to the client.


I hope you can follow this short explanation, but please feel contact me direct if you need more assistance.




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Hi, we run a small building firm & are looking for away to give are carpenters a job sheet will customers name, address, contact details, job description & any other trades needed. We would like it to altermadicly issue a job number that can be carried through to MYOB


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Recommend users try an add on. We use Servicem8 as this is a low cost cloud based solution that works on an iPad. It also integrates directly with MYOB if needed or run as a completly separate app.

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PLEASE  MYOB .We run a Plumbing business and are in dire need of a workable job sheet ,created in Myob ,quickly ,sent to our staff in the field .At the moment we enter a work order, type in as much detail as we can ,change client email to staff email send etc .Once job is completed they email job order  back out of microsoft with a attached email .TIME ,LOTS OF IT   - wouldnt it be brilliant for staff to be able to  update info on job sheet ,retype on tablet and send back ??.

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Hi @Ernie 

Thanks for the feedback in regards to the AccountRight program. I would recommend if you do like an idea on the AccountRight Live Idea's exchange that vote for the idea using the vote button next to the idea's name. This way you show your support for the idea.

I would suggest taking a look at the Mobile add on solution page. There maybe some possible add ons that complete your needs. I would recommend taking a look at Service M8, Job Sync or Smart Jobs in particular as they deal exclusively with jobs.Please note that these are third party programs so there may be additional charges from the third party.

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We run a small plumbing business and have the same issues, we have delays in being able to invoice. There are companies that allow you create a job sheet but then it also invoices, and we would prefer to be able to view the job sheet and then invoice.


please MYOB help us out!