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Jobs: Purge (delete) Jobs no longer in Use

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We run tens of thousands of jobs in MYOB and refer to the Job Number in our Invoices and Purchases for Cost tracking.

Some Jobs run for less than one day, other jobs run for a number of years.

The Job list became so full that it totally slowed our whole system down a couple of years ago and we had to start a brand new file just to get rid of the long job list. This meant importing and exporting customers, suppliers, employees, accounts etc and this became a significant task.


Can there be a way to purge jobs without having to close them off by looking at how long ago the last transaction was? I would like to see a facility where I can say Purge all jobs that were not used within the last x number of days and I have the flexibility to select what x equals such as 365 days, 900 days or possibly for some companies 60 days. Sure, I understand that if I select the wrong number of days, I may lose a few jobs that I didnt want to loose but if the process asks for say, two confirmations to proceed, then the risk would be all mine.


I really do not want to have to keep creating a brand new file just to get rid of my long job lists every couple of years



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Hi Scott, 


If you were not already aware, you do have the ability to manually delete jobs that you are no longer using.  Understandably this is will be a lengthy task if you have 1,000's of jobs.  


For others experiencing this issue, vote for this idea!!



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Yes please - I have several clients wanting this - manually deleting jobs is NOT an option, there's way too many and time prohibitative. The same is needed for card files and items.

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We have a lot of old jobs which are still active but not in use - numbering hundreds. I have tried to delete them but can only do this one by one. It would be great if I could do a batch delete - just tick the ones I want and then delete them in one go

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Would not be better to mark these jobs inactive


This can be achieved by exporting job information to excel, changing all jobs to inactive and then import the excel data back into myob making sure that you set the setting that allows existing duplicate records to be updated

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Hi Hms_001,


We at Accounting Addons have provided service in the past ot bulk delete CARDS or ITEMS out of MYOB. We may be able to tweak our systems to bulk delete jobs out of your MYOB data file. This currently would only work with AccountRight 19.9 or lower. It possibly could be converted to work for AccountRight 2013.


If interested, feel free to drop us a line.


Best of luck.



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I have a client in Premier with loads of jobs going back 10 years.  We found that if you open up header jobs (eg OLD, LAST YEAR, 12-13 ) & include the jobs under the headers, it freed up some of the index having to go through all the jobs and seemed to speed things up.  If you export the jobs to excel & add the header job in the right column, then import them back in, asking to UPDATE, then it is much quicker than doing it individually.  Good luck!

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I noted that the last update still hasn't dealt with batch deleting of jobs. We have tried the above suggestion of exporting the data to excel, deleting the jobs and then importing the data again but this didn't work. When the data was re-imported, MYOB used all the numbers in a four digit format where as our numbering system uses 5 digit format with the first digit being a zero. The end result was we finished with twice the number of jobs as when we started!!

Surely it can't be that hard to have a check box in the jobs list to allow the user to delete or make inactive multiple files in one go. Even to have the ability to use the shift / ctrl buttons in conjunction with teh mouse to highlight multiple jobs at the same time such as used in all other windows based programs. Then right click and go delete


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I managed to do it by following the following steps ... make sure you back up your MYOB file FIRST in case this slips for you. Also, make sure everybody else is logged out:

Step 1: create a new header job call "tobedeleted"

Step 2: create a dummy detail job "deletetest" under header "tobe deleted"

Step 3: export jobs, match all columns

Step 4: using excel, open your exported file, switch on filter, then filter to isolate all the jobs you would like to delete.

Step 5: change the header job for all these jobs you want to delete to "tobedeleted"

Step 6: mark all these jobs to inactive, and 100% complete.

Step 6: save the file as a tab delimited file

Step 7: go back to MYOB, import jobs, make sure you select "update existing record" in the duplicate records section.

Step 8: Select the file you edited and match all. (Should match identically since you are using the same format as the exported file)

Step 9: complete the import

Step 10: go into your lists, jobs and you should see all the jobs you wanted to delete sitting under the header "tobedeleted"

Step 11: Delete the header job "tobedeleted"

Step 12: it will warn you a few times, select ok all the way through and now you have deleted the detail jobs under that header.


Sorry for long descript, this should have you smiling again.

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Hi @LinCon 

Thank you for your comments and providing the workaround that you have used to delete your unwanted jobs.

If I can just add something to that process. You can improve the deletion time by going into the Job, so you have the Edit Job window open then right clicking on some grey space and selecting Delete Job. This may improve the process for those clients that are using the Edit>>Delete Job option.