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Journal Entry: Automatic reversal of journal

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I think that there needs to be a facility with MYOB AccountRight for entering automatically reversing journals.


This would be a great feature and one that lots of MYOB users would appreciate as reflected in the forum.


"Reversing Journals"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: July 2018

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How can it be that you can't do this in MYOB. Outrageous - this is a basic feature of many competitor products

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It 2022 and still this idea has not been moved. Come on MYOB act on your customers requests....

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HI, i'm not into sledging other products - but you know who they are YET they all do reversing journals!!! So we're not asking for some crazy new idea - just tyring to be efficient and reduce error.


please put this on your priority list for change - every person who does month end in MYOB will really really apprecaite it.