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Journal Entry: Remove Automatic Credit Entry

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When posting Journal Entries there is new behaviour on the second line.

If your first line is a debit entry of say $100, when you tab to the second line it automatically populates the credit column with $100.

If you have more debits you have to then delete that entry, sioft-tab to go back the debit column and enter your amount.

This is frustrating and time consuming.

Please change it back so when you tab you get the debit column again and the credit only automatically populates when you tab off the bebit column WITHOUT entering anything


Apologies if this has already been raised, but a search didn't bring it up


"Journal entry defaulting to credit the 2nd line'

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2023

Hi Everyone


General journals being entered through the AccountRight browser interface are not impacted by this situation. Where the user does manually need to type in the required amount to the other side of the transaction, rather than the system automatically adding that value in.

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yes please - I agree.

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I'm voting for this too.  I just noticed it and it is a real pain in the bum!  It has slowed me down so much I can't believe how anyone could think this is a step forward.

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Thank you for your suggestion Murray. It seems that this idea is already quite popular. We can see how this would slow down data-entry on this screen. Can anyone else who would like to see this change, please vote on this suggestion.
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Please, please change this!!  It is not only time consuming to input journal entries, but it has lead to some inadvertent mistakes as well, therefore even more time consuming to fix.


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Agree - please change this; very time consuming.

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Good thought however we should still be able to tab on the credit side to put the balancing figure in or is there a setting to eable this

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Hi @Brodloc


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

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For journal entries that have only 2 rows, it would be helpful if a change to 1 row automatically updated the other row.


In particular where journal is saved/recurring, the amount has to be entered twice when it is obvious that the other amount needs updating.

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Another option would be to have the default second line behaviour to be included in the optional settings.

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Please stop the tab key going straight to the "Credit" box when the first line of the Journal is a "Debit". Quite often I have multiple debits to apply before I am ready to apply the credit. 


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