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Locations: Inventory Movement report

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I am moving from Enterprise as MYOB no loner supporting this product and have found that the new Item movement and mulit locations is great, however when i do a a movement between my warehouses i need to print off a report for the warehouse to release the inventory - its great to add the function but you need to have the reports to back the use of the function

"Inventory Movement Report - Premier"

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Having no item movement report is unacceptable. If MYOB advertises that you can have multiple locations but then doesn't provide any method to track movements between locations it may as well not have multiples.

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It seems when you run an Inventory Report: Item Register [Detail] there is no longer the ability to show different locations as a different field.

I am 99% certain we were able to use this last year for stocktake but its not there any more. Now we have to wade through and look for the 2nd line of the same part with a different Qty. This is very cumbersome.

Please can this be rectified as this has been a downgrade.