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MYOB Capture (app): User access role to this sole function

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Our clients have multiple employees that work off site and they want to utilize the Capture App


None of these employees have access to the MYOB programs the employer uses (ie they are not set up as a User in the program).


I understand we will need to set each employee up as a User to be able to utilize the Capture App


What User settings are recommended for these users? - Would it be easier for MYOB to create a "Role" for Capture App users only


Any thoughts?


"MYOB Capture App - for employees that are not currently set up as MYOB users"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2023

Hi Everyone

To create an MYOB Capture only user complete the following process:

  1. Navigate to Setup>>User Access
  2. Select Manage Roles
  3. Highlight an existing role or duplicate a current one (right-click on the role name and select Duplicate role)
  4. Untick all aspects of the product
  5. Tick the Banking>>In Tray and ensure that Purchases>>In Tray is ticked
  6. Select Save
  7. Assign the relevant role to the employee(s)

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MYOB Product Team

Hi @Davidv 


I help work on the app and can give you some insight to this.


The App uses the Email Address to find the right files and creates a link to them through the app. It doesn't lookup anything else and, at the moment, can ONLY send documents through to the In Tray of the file it logs into. So it doesn't use the "second login" of ARL.


There are considerations to change this to make it more accessible to link to an In Tray without a login, rather like the Unique In Tray Email Address that you can create and give to people to send docs to your In Tray without actually giving them a login. We're still talking through the logistics of this though and have no concrete plans to know if/when this'll be delivered.


In the situation where there are offsite/remote workers that the business would like to use the app, but given no actual access to AccountRight; currently the recommendation is to create a login for them that's connected to the file but no actual usable access in AccountRight. (You can use my.MYOB to send an invite without creating a User ID in ARL so if they try and use the Email & Password to log in, they won't get through the second login but can still use the app to send docs through).


I hope this helps answer what it can currently do. Let me know if you have any extra questions on this!


(Note: I use AccountRight as an example as you posted in the AccountRight Ideas Exchange)

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it would be great to be able to give access to employees with corporate cards access to capture but no access to MYOB AR. That way they could submit thier receipts but you wouldnt have the worry of them accessing MYOB data.

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Hello, did you get a response to this as I have the same issue?

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Hi Leah18


no response yet Smiley Sad but I know there are other people who want the same thing.

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Couldn't agree more with Davidv. This is exactly what I would like to do for a few clients.

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The user role of "Capture App only" would be very useful.  

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Has MYOB addressed this yet? This would be the most useful feature of Capture. Beats chasing up receipts from multiple staff

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This would greatly benifit so many business!

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Yes I agree. Sure, I understand creating a user in MYOB but being able to limit them to only use the capture app as mentioned above would be great. Possibly even better if it could all be in one app with MYOB YourPay (app not web based).

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Anyone know if MYOB has acknowledge this yet?

The user role of "Capture App only" would be very helpful.

Thank you.