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MYOB Team: Include entitlement (Annual/personal leave) requests




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Would there be a possiblity of adding to the MYOB Team payroll the ability for employees to request leave and for managers to accept/ deny the leave request.  As well as even leaving notes for payroll e.g. went home early for the day.

Also this is just wishful thinking, but if it could send an alert to employee's if they have forgotten to clock in/out for their shifts. 


"Myob Team payroll function to include annual leave/sick leave requests"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2023

Hi Everyone

The MYOB Team mobile app allows employees to submit leave requests.  Check out Using the MYOB Team mobile app for more information on that topic.

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Just doing some testing on the new MYOB Team application on the iPad, and the integration back AccountRight. The testing has been quite positive so far.


However there has been a request of how the staff members can enter into the app thier sick leave, annual leave or working from home (during this COVID period). Staff members should be able to retropectively enter sick leave or working from home into the app once they return back to work. Similarly staff members should be able to enter their annual leave in advance into the system.


As an approving manager, I would like these features to be enabled so that the system is fully automated, without having to worry about emails or meesages relating to sick leave, annual leave or working from home situations. The approving manager would just like to ensure the weekly, forntightly or monthly hours reconcile and tallies correctly.


Could you please investigate and advise how we can acccommodate for this scenarios in the system.






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Hi there,


We also require leave application functions.

Cheers Smiley Happy

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The inability for this software to do the most basic things to run a small payroll in an efficient manner is disappointing. It does not allow an employee to

*specify whether they had annual/sick leave after the fact (once returned to work) (basic)

*specify a public holiday (not worked) (basic)

*specify they had a leave without pay day (basic)

*include a note section (basic)

*request annual leave in advance - this would be a bonus, not a basic function

These shortfalls have deemed it unworthy for my client to use. Basic functions have not been included to integrate timesheets with existing payroll categories in the MYOB file. The practical application to even a simple workplace isn't in this software eg. no choice to allow employees to adjust their timesheets if they forget to clock in/out at any point - the Approving Manager has to fix them, only one time capture type for each location (a workshop where employees could come to work or go straight to an install for a customer need the ability to use kiosk or mobile phone), only one Approving Manager per employee is allowed to be allocated - what if that person is away? Having to create "Rosters" every pay period in order to have break times show up (this is what Technical Support told me) is not practical for a business with no need for a roster.  What I can see on my PC login is less than I see on the app.  On the PC, how do I create a duplicate roster if I can't see the roster (because I am the bookkeeper and not on the roster)? On the app I can see the daily roster, but no option to duplicate it on that device.  There is also a glitch where if I type a finish time of 13.30, the program flicks it back to 13.00 . So many practical shortfalls. Sorry MYOB but so far, this is a fail, please hurry to fix it.

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It would be good for employees to have 2 approvers assigned. Eg. I have a supervisor as the approver but I too would like to see the time sheets

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The current MYOB Teams Platform allows Managers to be assigned based on 'Locations' which is a workable feature for businesses that operate from different locations or have 'Department Manager/Team Leader' structures.


The issue is without accessing AccountRight first and reviewing the employee card or 'entitlement balances' report, the 'Approving Manager' is unbale to review whether the employee has enough leave accrued to approve.


Given that leave types integrate with those assigned in the employee card, which include a balance of that entitlement via AccountRight, this would be a great tool to assist employers/Managers in managing rosters and their workforce.

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Is there an easy way for managers/admin to record in MYOB Team personal leave taken of salary based employees (ie those not using timesheets).  We are currently using an excel spreadsheet to record when a full time employee is sick or has to leave early come in late etc.  Most of our staff are salary based and therefore it is not necessary to use timesheets. But we wish to keep an accurate record within MYOB of all leave taken.

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Hi Everyone

The MYOB Team mobile app allows employees to submit leave requests.  Check out Using the MYOB Team mobile app for more information on that topic.