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Missing bank details alert showing next to all suppliers

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When viewing supplier payment details under Banking/Find transactions, why does the 'missing bank details' alert with link show on all suppliers? Wouldnt it be best if this only showed when the bank details were missing or incorrect? 

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HI @TSGTanya 


Thank you for your post, I'd like to extend you a warm welcome to the Community Forum, I hope you find it a valuable resource.


In this case, If you can see the missing bank details in the suppliers, this error can be ignored as long as the card has been set up correctly with the relevant account details. As the bank file will be created with the bank account information. 


And thank you for your suggestion. Your ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated. I encourage you to please take a moment to post on the AccountRight Ideas Exchange board for consideration.


Please feel free to post again. I'm happy to assist you further. 


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