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Multi-Currency: More reports showing values in originating currency

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What reports are most important for you to see foreign values ie. values in originating currency


Would love to hear from you in the comments


Thank you.



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2023

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2020.3, the following reports have been updated to support foreign currency transactions. You can now select local or foreign currency, as well as filter by currency, on:

  • Purchases Supplier Summary report
  • Purchases Supplier Detail report
  • Sales Customer Summary report
  • Sales Customer Detail report
  • Customer Payments [closed invoices] report

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Please have Receivables Reconciliation (detail) + Payables Reconciliation (detail) reports with orginating currency!!!!  I need this!!!!

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all receivable and payable DETAIL reports in their originating currency please.

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* REPORTS -> Supplier -> Purchases [Supplier Summary Report]

* REPORTS -> Supplier -> Purchases [Supplier Detail Report]

* REPORTS -> Supplier -> Analyse Purchase [Supplier - FY comparison]

* REPORTS -> Supplier -> Analyse Purchase [Supplier Multi-Period]

* Supplier Ledger


* Purchases -> Purchase Register -> Open Bills - I would like the total to be shown in AUD and in originating currency


* REPORTS -> Customer -> Sales [Customer Summary Report]

* REPORTS -> Customer -> Sales [Customer Detail Report]

* REPORTS -> Customer -> Analyse Sales [Customer - FY comparison]

* REPORTS -> Supplier -> Analyse Customer [Customer Multi-Period]

* Customer Ledger


Sales -> Sales Register -> Open Bills - I would like the total to be shown in AUD and in Sale currency


I will make of a note of any others and add them in time.

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Both the Aged Payables/Receivables detail and Aged Payables/Receivables Reconciliation Reports do not show any orginating currencies.  Only the summary.


I cannot produce reports on both Sales & Purchases [Supplier Summary] with originating currencies - this is not sufficient.  Not one detail report shows the orginiating currencies.


Basically no reports for Sales & Purchases DETAIL show any originating currency.



1. Job Transactions [Accrual] needs to have the "description" line in the purchase invoice showing on the report, instead it has the useless line of "Journal Memo" - we cannot determine what the actual line item is otherwise.

2. When I need a report for multiple jobs (eg the entire month job activity), they are not even sorted by job, but by account number which is IMPOSSIBLE to determine each job profitability!!!


Please call me if you can - I am ready to go to a different program if this cannot be changed.



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The new MYOB was useless for our purposes. We changed back to V19.16. Even after having to re-do alot of stuff it was worth it!!!

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We are still waiting for MYOB 2019 to enable us to report in originating currency.

Until then we are forced to stay with version 19 and are unable to report to the ATO using STP.

Can you please give us an estimated timeframe of when this issue will be resolved by MYOB to allow us to upgrade to MYOB 2019.

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Sales reports - need to give my accountant what a customer has paid in the last 12 months in UK pounds - very frustrating that I cannot easily do this and have to find each transaction and add it up


WHY can we not have reports in orginating currecny - what is the point of having multi currency that does not work!

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We have an add-on to AccountRight with reports in Multi-currency. so far includes -


  1. Salesperson reports (by FX currency)
  2. Sales by currency
  3. Debtors detailed by currency

Our sites are using these reports in the meantime.


Rgs Lynley Averis



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Its time that MYOB Does someting, we are an importer we need reconciliation of purchase in detail using originating currency, aged payables detail, purchases supplier detail AUD & forreign currence, suppliers ledger, and last purchase resiter deail both AUD and foreign currency.

can the please be the next up date as I have been waithing for more then a year and we are getting to the point of changing the accounting package as the foreign currency side it just not working for any importer or exporter and we do both


Robert van Os, Eibach Suspension Technology Pty Ltd


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Good timing - one that caused great frustration today Purchases Supplier Summary where I wanted to see what forex was needed for purchases and orders and got the results in NZ$