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Online Emailing: Change the From email address

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Hi there.

Had a client today getting some feedback from customers/suppliers etc about when an email (sent from AR Live mail) arrives into the inbox it has the email address ""
This wouldn't normally be a problem but some people are copying this email address when writing a reply, why they do this we do not know (instead of just hitting reply). 

If this is able to somehow be replaced with the reply address so that it looks like the "reply to" email address actually sent the email (?!) then that would go a long way in fixing a headache for the client.

Thought we would throw the suggestion in here in case others find their customers doing this and maybe would benefit from a change. Smiley Happy



"Emailing from new AR Email system, shows confusing email address in customers inbox.."

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It would be great to be able to select different email addresses for different purposes EG our reply-to address for payroll needs to be payroll (especially sensitive information!), and accounts to accounts etc.

A generic or catch all email address for every reply for emails sent from MYOB is very outdated.  Please allow us to select different reply to addresses.

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I have the same issue 2 licenced files in Accountright 2020.2.2 for which both have payroll, sales, purchases.


When sending payslips, invoices and remittance advices they all go from the one company name which is not satisfactory.


I agree there should be a place in the preferences that you can specify the email address applicable

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A note to the MYOB developers, you need to ensure that this capability works for off-line files and our own email servers. Please don't force us to use the MYOB emailing services.