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Online Emailing: Removal of MYOB Branding

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Hi Myob,


I have just gone through the process of trying to set up pay direct from the link on one of our invoices. After setting up it then stated that the function is not yet released and now our emailing of orders and invoices are sent from myob instead of from our email account. This is fine however the email that is sent is branded Myob.... The link to download the invoice is also heavily branded Myob... This looks very unprofessional to see so much branding of a sent invoice for another company.


If i am to continue to use this service i require the ability to format the email and also the download link page so that it looks like we are actually the invoicing company instead of Myob being so. I dont mind a small Myob text somewhere however the way it is now is verry cheeky.



Email formatting for myob direct emailing and invoice downloading

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Hello MYOB, 


Thanks for the new update. Its great to see the emails being sent from within MYOB now!  

I was wondering though, if there is any way that the company logo or personal email signature could be included in the emails that go out? Currently, there is no branding on the emails and we would like these emails to look profestional and coming from our company not MYOB!


So a suggestion I have is, each user has their own email signature. This way, the emails are coming from the Sales person they have been taling to- making it personal. I know we can edit the content of each email before it is sent, but I think it would look more professional if each email could have our company logo on it- just as our email signatures in Outlook etc. 


What do others think? Please comment and vote so we can get the most out of this email function! 


Bellejayne. Smiley Happy

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I think this is a great idea. I used to email invoices myself through Outlook, now I'm using an upgraded MYOB and sending emails seems so impersonal. I try to keep it friendly as it's much easier to get accounts paid but I can't do this through MYOB.

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I love the new email function in 2016.1, however I have a client that sends out up to 25-30 invoices at a time to one customer.  It would be great if all the invoices could be included in one email rather than each individual invoice creating its own email.


Their customers have refused to receive emails this way as they have to open each email individually.  I have included in the setup the ability to add pdfs to each email to save them downloading each one but it is still very cumbersome.


Great idea but our customers don't like it.  Back to saving each emaill to pdf and adding them one by one to an email or printing them, scanning them back into one pdf and sending them that way.  Smiley Sad



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- Create Send email button in  card file     (have the email operate basically as outlook functions)
          -option of which customer/supplier to send to  and cc as usual email with a space to write a 
          - from field with selectable email addesses as per available email addresses - the customer should have a sales rep assigned to them - this should be the default "from address"  
          -add button "add file"
          -add file button links to the find transactions  search string for that customer or supplier
                    with a date range at the top and a tick box on the left column  -  only sales and 
                        purchases  are shown (including quotes - bills - orders)  include the tabs for open + closed
                     -on the same screen have a button to add statement
                                      -add statement box opens with a date range and "type" drop down box - then                                                   add button - so you can add multiple statements by changing the date and clicking                                           add


Customiseable Forms

 - customisable Email Form - ie signature etc logo's  - customisable for each user of myob to atuomatically add there personal signature - the same as outlook does...
 - these should also include one for how the mobile app spits out an invoice....    its used to send a pdf  which should have a customisable form somewhere.. but now it sends a myob link...   not good...




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Any progress on this?


I don't like the new email from MYOB function because my emails no longer meet the required email standard that my company insists upon.

We are required to add our own logos (2) plus three other logos (including State Gov Vic) plus three flags (Aboriginal, Torres Straight Islander and LGBTI) to our signature and I cannot do this. And now I can't even send emails the old way via outlook.

We need to be able to add the outlook signature to MYOB generated emails. We paid a professional good money to create the outlook signature and now I can't even use it. I don't mind if there's a MYOB signature as well, but I must have mine. 

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I think this is a great idea.  I use part of my email signature, however the logo and another graphic had to be left off.  It would look far more professional with proper logos etc.

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This would certainly be very helpful. I am constantly being advised that people 'wonder' whether my invoice or statement emails are scam due to the fact that there is no sort of email signature.  It just shows up as some random email with a bit of text and an attachment. Not surprising that people consider it sus.

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I too would like to be able to include a logo on the email default. It would also be great to change fonts, sizes and colours


I agree that it would look much more professional

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Come on MYOB! It's been over 18 months since this first post on this!

We're paying a lot of money for this program each month and we can't even have our own logo on the emails we send out?! Whats the deal with this? 


Also we can hardly make the emails sound nice because we run out of charachters. There isn't enough room to say a  friendly, simple message covering basic thinks like good morning, thank-you, freight details and other necessary instructions.   

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I also would love to be able to send from MYOB (2017.2)but modify the email template to add signatures, branding etc. as is I will have to go back to using outlook. I do like the email tracking from within MYOB though