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Online Emailing: Removal of MYOB Branding

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Hi Myob,


I have just gone through the process of trying to set up pay direct from the link on one of our invoices. After setting up it then stated that the function is not yet released and now our emailing of orders and invoices are sent from myob instead of from our email account. This is fine however the email that is sent is branded Myob.... The link to download the invoice is also heavily branded Myob... This looks very unprofessional to see so much branding of a sent invoice for another company.


If i am to continue to use this service i require the ability to format the email and also the download link page so that it looks like we are actually the invoicing company instead of Myob being so. I dont mind a small Myob text somewhere however the way it is now is verry cheeky.



Email formatting for myob direct emailing and invoice downloading

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Remove them!

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I'm looking for this too. Its a great system, and whats worse, Xero has the ability to add your own logo to software-generated emails...

Looking forward to a response from a MYOB staff member.