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Online Emailing: Reply-to Email Address per user

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I would like to see emailing directly from MYOB to be specific to a users login.

At the moment you can only have one "from" name and one reply-to email address.

I would like to email from my own name and have my email address as the reply-to; and my boss would like emails he sends to come from his name with his email as the reply-to.


Until this is implemented we can't use this feature, but we would like to for the convenience. Please consider Smiley Happy

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We have multiple users for our company file, each time a user emails i.e. invoice, purchase order etc from myob the client or supplier reads that the email has come from one generic email address.  Each employee should be able to email clients or suppliers direct from Myob with their own email link.  This is fine for small companies but if you have say! 8 users, all the replys will directed to one email address.


Also if you have multiple companies and send emails through outlook! Each company the emails are sent one email address.   We have 4 companies and we don't want the end user to know we are associated.


Any Ideas around this


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I'd like to be able to send emails through myob but out of differnet email addresses.


For example.

For the sales staff whom send quotes and invoices, i'd like them to use a sales@...... email address


For the accounts staff whom send invoice reminders, monthly statements, payslips ect , id like them to use a accounts@......


For the purchasing staff whom send purchase orders and work with suppliers, id like the to use a purchases@.......


so basically looking at a way that depending on which form is being sent or what part of the application is being used than that form would have a specific reply to email address that we could configure.


or it could be a user based thing but some staff member where more than one hat.


if we were to just send the emails out of outlook or external mail program than we can't use the automatic invoice reminder feature, hence why i would need MYOB to track all the email.s



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Most of the companies now require invoices to be sent to one address and Statements to another address. It is becoming really time consuming to select each customer statement, select the appropriate email address and then send the Statement through MYOB. Can this PLEASE be automated. I am using Account Right.