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Online Emailing: Viewing content/message of ALL Emails sent

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It would be great if either

(a) we could see the message content of ALL emails, including statements


(b) we could choose which emails to send directly from AccountRight and which not to send. e.g send Invoices but not Statements.


reason - had a customer balk at comments in a Statement email which was amended just for them, as they were seriously overdue, but we cannot see the message - therefore it would be good to either be able to see it, or choose not to send specified email types (and this choice would inlcude a breakdown of the Sales and Purchase email types e.g send Invoices but maybe not send Quotes).



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It would be good to be able to View All Activity for Sale Quotes as well - sometimes there are some extra comments added.

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Good one, this idea has my support.

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great idea need to see what we actually email all the time so statements etc as well as invoices 

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Re:  Emailing statements to customers.

If an unpaid invoice has to be sent to debt collectors, we need to supply copies of all correspondence with the customer.  If we can't print out the statements that we have sent to them, this makes the debt hard to follow up.  Can MYOB please include a feature to allow us to see, print & or forward statements which have been previously sent to customers. 

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I agree - we've just come over froom Xero and I am finding month end super annoying as I can't simply preview a statement before sending (from the 'to be emailed' screen it (or see what was actually sent to the customer).

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What is the point of using MYOB to email a message to customer if you can't check that email later. Begining to wonder if the writers of this program have ever had hands on experience of working in the accounts section of a company. 

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I too would like to view emails sent through contacts and statements CT56

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I note it is 2 years since this thread began but nothing has been done by MYOB.

It would be really good to see some action.

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It is great to be able to see and track invoices from AccountRight, BUT MYOB has just cost me money once again!


Though I have recently changed addresses and updated my forms, MYOB is still sending old forms out on occasion and I can't check this unless I manually change this or double-check it with the preview (but that is another issue).


I have just received a shipping redirection fee from a supplier after a shipment was sent to my old address. The problem is that I have no way of viewing the order that was sent to the supplier, so no way to prove that the supplier incorrectly shipped the goods or if my order was still had the old address on it. I am now at the mercy and honesty of the supplier to acknowledge if the error was on their end or on my order from MYOB. 


Though it is great to track invoices, we need to be able to have the option to at least view all sent emails. I think I'll resort back to sending through Outlook where I can view and view what is/isn't on the order.

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I have to agree with everyone, i would like to use the MYOB emailing function, but i have to use outlook so that i have a record of my correspondence to fall back on.  Is it possable to link MYOB with Outlook.