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Online Payment for Sales Orders

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Don't think this is such a new idea but would be great if MYOB could make it work. Our process is to receive a deposit or full payment on a Sales Order before we manufacture the custom order.  We need to be able to send an Sales Order Invoice to the customer to allow them to make a full or part payment online via MYOB payments - keep it as an order in our system, not an invoice - until the job is complete.  I have turned off the function of using online payments due to the inconvenience this causes.

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Hello, @Plasticut thank you for raising this concern.


First of all, I would like to apologize for this inconvenience.

I appreciate for voicing out this idea. Rest assured that this will be forwarded to our relevant team.




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Yes we have the same issue as @Plasticut where our items are ALL of our items are custom made to order.  We often taken online payments with order or deposit and cannot do this on a sales order where the goods may not be delivered for a week to 3 months.  The way MYOB has set up the online payment system, the order needs to be recorded as an invoice and then we have no record of the sales order as being outstanding even through the customer hasn't received the goods as yet.  Also due to this fact, the sales/financial records reports are totally inaccurate as the goods have not been delivered as yet.  Please fix this issue and change it so we may take full payment/deposit on a sales order as I am sure you have hundreds of other companies in the same position with custom made items where online payment is required up front.  


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Hi @PromoFactory


Thanks for the response and the insight and welcome to the Community Forum. 


I understand there are use cases for sending the payment before creating the order. Currently, the feature is called Online Invoice Payment as it is connected to the invoice. Rest assured; this has been sent to the development as a suggestion. 


Let us know if you require any other assistance.