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Pay Superannuation: Delete or hide reversed paysuper payments

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There is currently no way to hide or delete authorised (or approved) PaySuper transactions so ones that need to be amended will still show as partially authorised (if 2 authorisations required)


"PaySuper - delete or hide reversed paysuper payments"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2021

Hi Everyone

Thank you for showing your support for this idea through the years.

With the release of AccountRight 2021.1, we have introduced the Pay Superannuation status "Reversal Completed". This will alert users that the payment has been reversed and prevent the payment from being completed. For more information on Pay Superannuation statuses please see Help Article: Make superannuation payments.


Once again, thank you for your support and your patience for this long-awaited feature.

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I too have this problem - I believe that since the only way to actually make the payment once selected through  "Pay Superannuation"  is to do it through "manage payments" then there should be a way to change the description so you could put "DO NOT USE" if it's unable to be completely deleted.


I would like to see incorrect payments having the option to be deleted - both from the "Manage Payment" window AND from the Bank Register.  I find it incredibly annoying that these payments appear in the Bank Register even after reversal - the reversal, when accidentally done twice as @UCA stated,  appears twice on the Bank Register so you have a withdrawal and two deposits.  Obviously this doesn't balance and looks messy.  And I then have to explain this to my accountant as it doesn't appear in the Bank Feeds and therefore cant be reconciled through that avenue, it has to be manually done.  This then leaves it there for all time.  It makes the bank register really untidy.  (yes, OCD also @DKP) 


Please could you consider this as a matter of urgency as I have created a payment that now needs to have an employee removed as he has changed his superannuation fund and I need to use the same description.  I now have to add something in the new payment that tells me to use this one instead of the other one and what's stopping my Director from going in there and authorising the incorrect payment?  I need to be able to mark it so he can't make the payment at the very least.  Oh and whilst doing that, can you make it so that the date can be changed on these instead of recording this payment on the day it's created?  I know it says that the payment is recorded on the date it's authorised but it's not - it's recorded in my bank register on the date i create the payment and then it becomes greyed out and cannot be changed so if I do this in a different quarter it messes up my reconciliations

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Dear MYOB,


From my personal experience and my clients feedback about the 'Pay Superannuation' function, we would like to recommend some useful functions that will be beneficial to the users.  


1)  Future date the superannuation payments.  It will benefit users greatly if they could future date the super payments for cash flow and work flow purposes.  


2)  Removal of pay superannuation transactions that was reversed in the 'manage payment' window to prevent human erorrs of authourising reversed transactions.  


3)  Ability to show which authoriser hasn't authorised the payments. 


Best Regards,


James Ling



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Absolutely ridiculous that this has been 'in the pipeline' since at least October 2014. This security issue needs to fixed immediately!

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I am also in the same situation as others where I have multiple reversals, but more of an issue isf that I cannot process any more super payments  because I have pending authorisations that I cannot delete and the software tells me I am over my limit ..How do I correct this?

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Totally agree SNPPL, over one and a half years and this still has not been fixed !   Why does it give you the Delete option if it doesn't work ?  


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Are you kidding me- this is asking for trouble in not being able to delete it! Why MYOB - Why would I continue to stay with MYOB when such simple but major issues still are not fixed. So frustrating!!!

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I agree with most of the post to delete reversed paysuper payments and believe this issue must be addressed by MYOB at priority. We are looking forward to get this fixed late by next update. Anything prior to that will be much appriciated.  



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Yes definitely want this enhancement. It's confusing having the reversed transactions still sitting in this window.

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Please include deleted or modified or hidden function it is important rather than just leaving the entries arcade!!

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Totally argree with feedback already given;

" would be good to be able to remove unprocessed payments (which may be there due to error) so that they are not accidently "processed" at a later date. Even if it came up with "deleted" next to it instead of awaiting approval."