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Payment Summaries: Amendments

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A request in the payroll, to include the option to create an amended Payment Summary file, so that we can upload corrected empdupe files to the ATO. Would be great to see this option included in a future release, as at this time of year, there is a need to send revisions when sorting our incorrect Payment Summaries for clients.



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"Payment Summary amendment"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: May 2016

Hi everyone, we are glad to announce this feature has been added in AccountRight v2016.2 - 


'If you lodge a payment summary, and later realise there was an error or you forgot to include some required information, you can now prepare an amended payment summary using AccountRight, and create an EMPDUPE file that’s lodged using the ATO’s Business Portal. No more paper forms for amended payment summaries'. 


For more details on the new features included in v2016.2, please check out this blog: AccountRight 2016.2 now available.

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We need a quick way to re lodge the amended Empdupe file to the ATO without having to change all other employees status.

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Hello Pam, Thank you for the suggestion about Payment Summary amendment files. We're always looking for additional lodgement options to offer, and additional depth to give to features. If this is a feature you'd make use of, we'd appreciate it if you could vote here, and share any specific features you'd need regarding PAYG amendments.
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This seems to be a much requested feature in forums - to be able to prepare Amended Payment Summaries with an Empdupe Amendment indicator "A" and, as per current ATO requirements, just showing the Amended/new employees:

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I think it's crazy that this option is not available. My client needs to write out 30 payment summaries. It's Available in Essentials but not Account Right.

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I would also like to see the option to amend payment summaries to the ATO Portal using all MYOB products.


I have an accountant that has just got around to completing a client's business tax return, and has requested me to amend the payment summaries to add values to  Reportable Employer Super Contributions for the owners.


As we can't submit any payment summaries for employees that have not been amended, I am unable to submit these 2 payment summaries as it is not possible at this time to select the amended individual payment summaries for employees.


I understand it can be done through GovReport but the client would have to go through the process of registering etc. to complete and lodge the amendment and as they have AUSkey and lodge using ATO Business Portal, they don't want to register with yet another online government body.


If I wish to send via paper form I have to request a form from the ATO. As I am to go to the client's tomorrow I would not get this in time. It seems there is no easy way of quickly lodging this amendment.



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Can you please have a way to send an ammended payment summary. The payment summary needs abox that can be ticked.

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I too would like to see this option added to MYOB.

I'm really surprised and disappointed that it has not been added in already.

I have seen multiple forum posts regarding this situation and noting that there is no option in MYOB to prepare an amended Empdupe file to lodge with the ATO. These posts go back to as far as 2010. I also note this post by Pam was sent back in 2013.


Please MYOB look at what your customers and accounting partners need and add it to your software.




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Hi there @Louise_Lennox@KayVeron, and @TaraP,


Thank you so much for your feedback. This is a feature that we wholeheartedly agree would benefit a huge number of clients, and undoubtedly make their end of financial year processes much simpler.


Hopefully, our developers will look into implementing this in the near future - in the meantime, we do encourage anyone else who would like to see this incorporated into AccountRight to vote by clicking on the '+ VOTE' option next to the subject.




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Having spoken to the ATO other Payroll software allows for a tick box to send an amended payment summary.

The  only solution provided by MYOB was to submit a paper Payment Summary and tick the amended box.

Easy.. unable to download from ATO website (Draft Only available for download), in Tasmania there are only two shop fronts available to collect the paper version from. So in my case I need to order online which can take up to a week to receive. Then have to manually input the information (my penance for making a mistake) before sending off the amended paper Payment Summary to the ATO.

How much simpler would it be to be able to send an amended EMPDUPE file to the ATO that would replace the files previously sent.

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I've been hoping that this would be implemented by now.

First requested back in 2013 as far as I can tell.

Now that the ATO won't accept paper lodgement this is a real problem.