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Payment Summaries: Email

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It would be a good idea to email payment summaries to the employees from MYOB like the payslips rather than doing it manually


"emailing payment summaries"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: May 2016

Hi everyone, 


We are excited to announce that this popular idea has been implemented in AccountRight 2016.2! You can now email original and amended payment summaries to your employees using AccountRight online email feature, or Microsoft Outlook. For more information on v2016.2, please check out this blog: AccountRight 2016.2 now available


Thank you all again for your votes and suggestions on this idea. 

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I would like to see MYOB add the ability to email payment summaries to employees.

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I would like to be able to email payment summaries straight to my employees instead of having to save to file and then individually attach the saved pdf file to the email and send.  Quickbooks has had this facility for some years now and means that 45 payment summaries are emailed straight out to the employees in one step.

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Can someone help please! I have printed the PAYG Summary and the tax withheld no amoun. However at the bottom of the page it "Exempt Foreign Employment Income" and the amount reflected is the tax withheld.


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Hello Angen,


There is an issue with the MYOB software in that the tick that used to be on Total Tax is now on the Foreign Income.


If you have not closed the payroll year then re-run the Payment summaties and on the 3rd screen with the selections remove the tick on the Ex Foreign Income selection on the left side and put it on the Total tax selection. Follow through the process, reprint the Payment Summaries, and re-save the empdupe file for the ATO.

Throw away the ones you have printed


If you have closed the pay roll year then restore the backup made before you closed. i suggest that you name the restored data file PAYS 2013.myo so that you do not mix it up with your live file and then follow the same process above.




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Thank you for your suggestion Cromangon. This seems to be a popular suggestion. If anyone else would find this useful. Please add your votes to this post.
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Is MYOB developing a function whereby you can email Payment Summaries in a similiar way that you can email Pay Slips?



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my wishlist


Quickbooks/Reckon/Intuit have had the email function for payg summaries for years

this is one of those rare occasions when MYOB has fallen behind


lets get this happening - after all we can email pay slips


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It would be good to allow emailing the Group Certificates from MYOB. Exporting some 60+ PDF's to then go and email each individually is less than ideal.

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Definately agree.....when I have 80+ employees to send Payment Summaries to, it is very time consuming emailing one by one.  Please MYOB ?  Thank you

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Given that MYOB doesn't have the capability to send payment summaries by email, can you move the address field for the employees to the right by about 5 mm so that it will fit comfortably in a window envelope without the address being obscured when the paper moves around in the envelope.  This would be very helpful, especially as we can't print mailing labels.