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Payroll: Ability to remove categories used on timesheets

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We use timesheets and then process the payroll from there.

It would be most useful to be able to deselect a wage category from individuals when the category is no longer used.

This is not possible - the message that appears states:- This wage category is used on timesheets for this employee and cannot be deselected.

Even if the category is in previous payroll years it is still not able to be deselected.

Your consideration in fixing this would be appreciated.




"Remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @Judy005  Could anyone else who wants to be able to remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets from an employee, please cast your vote here.

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Thanks for your suggestion @Judy005  Could anyone else who wants to be able to remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets from an employee, please cast your vote here.

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem as Judy005.  An inexperiened person set up MYOB before I started.  I don't use timesheets in MYOB as I use my own spreadsheets. Even though in the last financial year I purged them as suggested and now being in a new payroll year I am still unable to deselect payroll categories for the employees that were linked to timesheets.  This is frustrating as I end up with multiply categories when completing payroll as the more qualifications employees get the different payrates/categories they are given.  Our workers are all hourly based and this can lead to mistakes by putting the wrong hours into the wrong category.

I look forward to your solution.

Cheers Nicki :-) 

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Hi Nicki (@Nickim), Thank you for your vote and comments. I can see that Tallie has posted a response to your other post on the topic. As mentioned we hope to bring the ability to remove old payroll categories from (that have been used in timesheets) from employee cards. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

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Yes i too would like to remove payroll categories from individual employees.

I am subject to an award with multiple grades and when employees move between grades I want to remove the old categories (grades). If the categories aren't removed it is too easy to apply hours to an old grade and pay the emp[loyee the incorrect amount.

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Hi @paul_c


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

Along with commenting for an idea you can show your support by voting. To vote for an idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange see the + VOTE button to the left of the idea's name.

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Yes, I am all for removing the payroll categories that are no longer essential to an employee.

I currently have an employee with both a wage and a salary pooping up every pay period. Each pay, I have to take the money off one. My only option is to create a new card for him. This I am doing right now before I can process the first pay for the new financial year.  

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Hello @bug


Thank you for your added comments and feedback on this idea. 


Any other users that would like to see this as an option in a future upgrade to please cast your votes and leave comments. 

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This has my vote!!

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 Hi there @teeisfortango,


Thank you for your vote and comment.


We do encourage anyone else who would like to see the ability to remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets implemented into future releases of the program show your support for this feature by casting your vote (simply click on the '+ VOTE' button next to the subject heading).




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This is causing a lot of problems with our electronic time keeper.  I have to do a lot of manual checking and changing rather than a simple import. Please fix this! Smiley Sad