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Purchases: Leave Purchase window open after converting Order to Bill

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When entering purchases, we type in the supplier's name, get a pop up window with the existing purchase orders, select one, change it to a bill and update any necessary details. When we record it, we are taken back to the command centre instead of to the purchase entry screen ready for the next bill to be entered.


In V19 we would be taken back to the purchase entry screen, not the command centre. Upgrading to AccountRight online was supposed to save us time but with the number of invoices we're entering (given that most of them have purchase orders in the system), this is quite frustrating.



"Allow "enter purchases" window to stay open when converting an order to a bill"

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Once you enter a purchase against a purchase order and record, it would be great to stay in the purchases screen, instead of being taken back to the main menu.

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One of the most frustrating functions that has dropped off since Premier was replaced is when you are entering a purchase either entering or converting from a purchase order it automatically logs you back to the command centre unless you are recording a recurring purchase.  This is very very annoying when you have a stack of invoices to enter.