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Purchases: Retain original amount when switching between GST Inclusive and Exclusive

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If we enter 3 items at $10 each, but then realise that GST was not reflected in the total price of these items, it would be nice to be able to keep the entered values of $10 in our form rather than reducing them automatically to $9.09 when the GST Inclusive box is manually unticked, for example. It would be much more convenient if the total was adjusted to match the items, rather than the items being automatically adjusted to match the total. 

Likewise, if we enter those 3 items at $10 each but then realise GST WAS included in their price, it would be nice to keep the values at their original price rather than having all of their values automatically rise by 10% (to $11 each) the moment the GST-inclusive box is ticked. 

It seems simple enough to fix manually with an example of three items at $10, but it isn't really practical to go through and amend dozens of prices from a supplier's invoice with values ranging anywhere up to $1000. Our suppliers might as well be alternating between including GST in their item prices and including it as a small lump sum at the end, so it would really be good to be able to move between these two invoice billing types fluidly without losing time having to re-enter all the correct prices if a supplier's invoice is formatted in such a way that the pricing method used isn't immediately apparent.


"Preserve entered dollar amounts when toggling GST inclusion"

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For years now, I've been entering sales invoices from suppliers into MYOB. Some suppliers include GST in their listed prices, and some apply it at the bottom. I know I can use the GST checkbox to make sure that the total adds up correctly in either case, but in every case, the figures that I input are always correct regardless. However, when toggling the checkbox to be inclusive or exclusive of GST, it will adjust the prices I've entered for the items, meaning I have to go back and fix them all over again. 

Example: A book is listed as $10 on the invoice. It's inclusive of GST. With the Tax Inclusive checkbox ticked, I enter two books for a total of $20. No problems.

Example 2: A book is listed as $10 on the invoice. It's exclusive of GST. I enter two books for a total of $20, realise that the prices are exclusive of GST, untick the box, and rather than making the total $22 and keeping my values of 2x $10, it changes the values to 2x $11 for a total of $22. But even though the total is correct, the books didn't cost $11 - the listed price is $10. 

Example 3: A book is listed as $8 exclusive of GST. I enter two books for $8 while the box is unticked. The total adds up correctly to $20, but it doesn't change my listed values of 2x $8.

I've just run a quick test of these examples, and the maths is off ($9.09), but the logic still stands. 

Tl;dr: Toggling the Tax Inclusive checkbox alters my manually entered prices instead of keeping them intact and adjusting the Tax field instead. I consider this to be an irritating glitch and would love it to be fixed.