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Purge: Items

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Needing to delete about 3,500 inventory items that have not been used in over 7 years (do not have anything in the history tab on these items) Can a feature be added in an upgrade to enable removal of old items rather than just marking them inactive.




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Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for the clarification Brad, I think what you're asking for here, is the ability to remove items which have history attached, so adding a "remove anyway" option to the delete item warnings. If you need further assistance troubleshooting a problem around iitem deletion, please use your original thread in the AccountRight forum. If you like Brad's idea of adding an override to delete items with a history attached, please vote for this idea, or give us your own ideas for this by adding comments here.

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The idea of being able to insert a header into the item list then to be able to put certain items underneath the header. That would make the whole item list so much easier to keep track of everything to do with the inventory. The headings would also make it look so much more appealing and be more user friendly. For people who are just starting to learn about the Inventory area, It would make it so much easier to learn. Thank you for your Understanding and Commitment to the Forums.

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What can one do where there are really old styles on the inventory which have not been used. Can these be combined and put away so that it does not appear on the list.

When there are recent inventory items can we file them away so that they do not appear on the list but they are there if we want to refer to them.

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I have a similar issue.

I have over 500 items that have NO transactions at all.

I still cannot find a way to bulk delete them

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 Yes I like Brads Idea of removing/deleting items that are older that 7 years . We have the same issue to many inactive items.



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What is the quickest and easiest way to delete/remove old inventory items from current database file.

I have a large quantity of old invenotry items that need to be deleted/removed and would like to know the easiest way to remove these items.

We only use an inventory item number once therefore it doesnt take long for a large quantity of item numbers to add up in the inventory list which means it takes longer to find items and generate reports due to unwanted information in the current database file.

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Yes we have thousands of items we would like deleted not just made inactive.


Old versions we could do this once transactions were purged.

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Yes, it would be great if MYOB added this. With no purge function, the transactions stay in the company file and so the Items can never be removed. I note that this request has been here since 2013. For those who don't want to keep waiting for MYOB at add this, try FGH Tables who can delete any unwanted items, used or not.




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Absolutely agree with a lot of these comments! Please make it so that inventory can be deleted either when an item with transactions has a value of $0 and/or is older than 5 years! Please!