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Receive Payments: Ability to receive a payment in bulk from multiple debtors into the one account

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i would like to put  forward the idea of "bulk receiveing payments" from multiple debtors into an account.


To put into context, we run an online business where we get several sales a day via our website and ebay. 
We load our customers individually (onto separate cards) and many of our customers are also repeat.

From the invoices we naturally receive a number of payments each day - going (usually) to the same accout - be it paypal, chequing account etc etc. 

It would be handy and very time effective to be able to "select" all debtors who have paid into the same account on a particular day and "process" with one click of a button. 


From a back end persepctive effectively it is selecting multiple trade debtors (DR) and allocating to an asset account (CR) in one move rather than doing this individually.

NB. Emailing the invoices is not important to us - as we print and enclose with our packages.


Any work around or implementation would be greatly appreciated! Smiley Happy


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"Bulk Receiving of Payments"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hi @Matt_Rogaloff 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and doing bulk payments. 

Currently invoice payments do need to do one by one. I couldn't think of a workaround that would allow you to record those payments faster/ in bulk. However someone may have a workaround that they use and I would encourage them to share.

Along with that I would encourage others to vote and comment if required for this idea if they would like to see bulk payments for customers added

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This would be awesome.

My customers are various business's that pay my bills via their holding company.

One whole payment across many invoices. Doing so sure does benefit them in time, not me though.

Come on MYOB, lets get it done for your customers (ie me!)

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It would be great if you could select mutilple customers in the receive payments screen, not just the one customer. I had a payment for one property with 3 units on it and 3 seperate owners. I had to use undeposited funds and then prepare a bank deposit. If I went into receive payments and it allowed me to see ALL customers not just one selected customer, then I would have been able to allocated the full payment received to the 3 seperate invoices as if it were under the one customer. Not sure if this is being looked at but it would be great if it was! 

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And vice-versa for supplier payments.

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+1 for Matt's idea. I spend many hours per week on this exact problem.

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Hi @Matt_Rogaloff 

A simple fix for this would be in receive payments to have the option to choose one or several customers to receive payments from.

It would then need to show all open invoices in numerical order for those chosen customers.

Apply amounts as per usual then record. 

This would save so much time. 

We record around 400+ payments per month from one HQ company that pay several of our customers. Rather than having to keep going between customers to record each invoice individually it would make it so much easier to do it in the way i have suggested. 

Regards, Diane 

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This is something I desparately need, I have one large client with many different stores across Australia, all of whom are invoiced separately - but receive only one payment for all invoicing per month. It taks days to reconcile. Please, please enable this feature.

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We have large corporations that pay us in one deposit but the invoices may be across 3 or 4 different debtor accounts. It would be great if we were able to search for invoice numbers and allocate the deposit to them rather than just one debtor account at a time. It is very time consuming to do it through undeposited funds and create a deposit to match the bank feed. I thought you could do this in the online version but it removes the allocation once you enter another invoice number in the search feature.