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Reconcile Accounts: Do not automatically unreconcile transactions after edits

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AR2012 will unreconcile a transaction if it is changed in various ways, including just changing the cheque number.


I recommend this is changed immediately. Ever since the program was first written, one of the commonest support issues has been around users 'accidentally' deleting transactions, and throwing reconciliations out of balance.


Users find the bank reconciliation process difficult at times, and imo there is NO reason for the status of a reconciled transaction to be automatically changed.


I would very reluctantly accept a prompted message "do you want to mark this transaction as unreconciled" following an edit, but only if a bank preference was added to allow/disallow status changes, so that users who want to continue v19 behaviour can do so.


"Do not automatically unreconcile transactions after edits"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: January 2013

Hi all, thanks for the feedback. With AccountRight v19 it was possible to edit a reconciled transaction and cause the bank reconciliation to go out of balance. When transactions were edited in v19 they still remained marked as reconciled and it was very hard for a user to track down these errors as the transaction was not visible in the bank reconciliation screen ( due to it being “reconciled”). The design in AccountRight 2012 was intended to address this problem by making these transactions visible in the bank rec. However I do agree that taking this action when a non-financial change such as Cheque number changes is not needed as it is not a change that would cause an out of balance anyway. I’m not sure that going back to the v19 design is ideal but I suspect there is a middle ground between the 2 approaches – what do others think?

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When drilling back into reconciled items (in recent AR versions); whether it be to just look at the transaction; to reallocate to a different account; or to split the allocation the transaction becomes 'unreconciled' at the bank (ie, even though the amount @ the bank has not been changed).

When doing forensic bookwork for new clients that can be anywhere from 3 months to 5 years worth; the bank statement is the guide.  Typically, once all transactions are entered and the bank account(s) is/are reconciled it is just a matter of finding source documents &/or piecing together transactions.

Now that the bank becomes unbalance on going back to transactions this becomes a mine field; time consuming and a really difficult process.

Why can't we return to where the transaction remains 'reconciled' at the bank unless it is (obviously) deleted or the actual amount that is a debit or credit to the bank account chages?

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Is it something new  OR a setting that I have changed

 that makes going into a reconciled transaction and making a change  or Pressing OK instead of CANCELL to leave,  will unreconcile this item from the bank Statement .

This is just a really bad idea to do this. Unless maybe if you are changing the $.

 i like to look back and sometimes may press OK

ALSO  I like to make changes as every item we buy is allocated to a job and if Ibuy Stock items  I may change them later to the correct job. I do not  need the it to effect my bank Statement.

It can be easily fixed if it is within the most recent reconciliation But is difficult if it is any further back.

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This glich is costing us time and money. I still use an old MYOB program and I can change chart of accounts and memo information and it doesn't affect a thing. If MYOB looked at these old programs they should be able to compare and resolve this. All I want to do is change the liability (client liability) account number, or a ticket number which the memo section is used for if they have been entered incorrectly. One transaction can have 30 client liability accounts in it. If I change even the memo e.g. SW32059 to SW32095. My reconciliation is messed up, but it doesn't bring it back into the reconciliation either - it just disappears and puts the zero balance out. Out ticket sales are often the same price, meaning I could have 100 entries for $300. So I have to unreconcile and wait till I get to a nil balance and then open every transaction to find a matching ticket number on the debit and credit side.  This is really doing my head in.

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Hi @Whisunday

Based on my testing I believe that you should be able to change the memo and allocation account of a reconciled transaction. As such I have posted a reply to yourself on Reconciliation to look into this further for you.

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I agree if you change items like cheque number, memo, the status should definately stay the same and not change to unreconcilled. 

I also would prefer that is stay unreconcilled even if you change GL codes, jobs etc.

The solution in my oppinon would be to remove the ability to delete reconcilled transactions or change the amount of the drawing to the cheque account and instead require reversals. 


I've been using MYOB for over 15 years and this seems crazy to me. 

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This problem only occurred after a recent update so therefore it should be able to be fixed.

If you open a transaction e.g.  "spend money" and click OK instead of cancel, or change any part of that transaction e.g. memo, GL code it will put the reconciliation out.
If the amount hasn't changed (which is what a reconciliation is about) then I should be able to make any change other than the amount 
I have 6 MYOB data files and  have been using MYOB since it was introduced in Australia
I still use MYOB AccountRightPlus V19. and the old MYOB 13.5 - I have never had a problem except of course if you changed the amount.  If it isn't broke don't "fix" it
Another problem in the reconciliation is - I reconcile on a daily basis because of the amount of transactions happening.  I will open the reconciliation,  tick a transaction and MYOB will untick the first transaction at the top. This is weird.  
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As in previous versions could an altered entry (eg. adding a receipt number) through spend money not reappear to be reconciled again please?

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It is very frustrating when you need to alter an account allocation after finalising your bank reconciliation and suddenly the transaction pops up in your current reconciliation, even though it was entered several months ago.  I am not talking of altering the total amount of the payment/deposit, just the account allocation, for example Sales GST, changed to the account for Sales FRE.    Yes you get a warning, but the fact that you alter an account allocation should not affect the reconciliation., unless you were to change the actual deposit/payment amount.  Going back to prior to V19, that did not happen, so why does it happen in new versions.