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Reconcile Accounts: Do not automatically unreconcile transactions after edits

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AR2012 will unreconcile a transaction if it is changed in various ways, including just changing the cheque number.


I recommend this is changed immediately. Ever since the program was first written, one of the commonest support issues has been around users 'accidentally' deleting transactions, and throwing reconciliations out of balance.


Users find the bank reconciliation process difficult at times, and imo there is NO reason for the status of a reconciled transaction to be automatically changed.


I would very reluctantly accept a prompted message "do you want to mark this transaction as unreconciled" following an edit, but only if a bank preference was added to allow/disallow status changes, so that users who want to continue v19 behaviour can do so.


"Do not automatically unreconcile transactions after edits"

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Last Changed: January 2013

Hi all, thanks for the feedback. With AccountRight v19 it was possible to edit a reconciled transaction and cause the bank reconciliation to go out of balance. When transactions were edited in v19 they still remained marked as reconciled and it was very hard for a user to track down these errors as the transaction was not visible in the bank reconciliation screen ( due to it being “reconciled”). The design in AccountRight 2012 was intended to address this problem by making these transactions visible in the bank rec. However I do agree that taking this action when a non-financial change such as Cheque number changes is not needed as it is not a change that would cause an out of balance anyway. I’m not sure that going back to the v19 design is ideal but I suspect there is a middle ground between the 2 approaches – what do others think?

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If you were going to force reversal rather than deletion of a reconciled transaction, then this should be an option in Preferences

When you do know what you're doing, sometimes it's necessary to say, delete a Receive Money and replace it with a Receive Payment. I would rather not clutter up my accounts with extra transactions but see the need to control this carefully

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This is certainly an area of contention, especially for newer users. Mike has some good ideas about reversing those particular entries but as others have said, seeing extra reversals everywhere is also not the most desired option IMHO. If it can be better controlled within preferences, that may be another point to consider. I wonder if a simple undo button would be an option that keeps an audit of what was originally processed and subsequently changed?


The last thing one would want to see is a situation whereby someone deletes a reconciled transaction that influenced the BAS from a previous month and that has since been submitted and paid. If the user then re-entered the transaction using a different ledger account / and / or date, that may not have the same influence on the BAS, the results could be disasterous. 



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I voted as there are some changes to fields which should not cause transactions to be unreconciled after making changes to fields.

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I have noticed that when i changed the cheque number of a transaction that had been previously reconciled, it now will appear as an unreconciled transaction in your bank reconciliation.

It will affect your opening balance and you will have to re tick it to get to the correct balance and re reconcile this account with the “changed” transaction included.

This is an error as in the past you could make changes to a reconcilled tranasaction (as long as the amount was not adjusted) and it would not effect the bank reconcilation.

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I agree with Mike as to what can and can't be changed, and agree with Murray and Greg who would prefer to delete entries instead of reversing them and having to sort though a lot more transactions.


If a bank reconciliation security audit report is created, (similar to the Journal Security Audit Report) then it will help everyone identify what changes have been made to reconciled transactions including deleted transactions.  The report would be filtered via the Bank Accounts and date range.  It would have similar information to the Journal Security Audit Report and also including the bank reconciliation date.  


This report would help identify which accounts have been deleted, and also show which transactions were reconciled once and needs to be reconciled again.  This should solve the issues in both Version 19 and our current version.

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I disagree I went out to visit a client a couple of weeks ago.  They thought the Accountant had made changes to there file as the bank reconcilation didn't balance anymore.

All the items the client had changed right back to 4/03/2013 where sitting in the list unreconciled and allowed me to fix the bank reconcilations very easily for each month.  It only took 2 hours, if the transactions where not in the list I would have had to go back and tick everything off.

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I AGREE with the majority above.  There should be NO change to the reconciled status of any values unless there is a change TO THAT Value!.  I have spent countless hours trying to figure out why my previously reconciled accounts no longer reconcile.  PLEASE go back to the old way.  This is a NIGHTMARE!

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Hi @Sallyatvets


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

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I cannot believe that this feature was introduced by MYOB! Absolutely ridiculous. 


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Hi @LouiseB

Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea. I have shared your thoughts with the team.