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Remittance Advice: Default settings

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Is it possible to have an option in MYOB where we can tick a default setting to always email remittance advices rather than changing it every time we entered the "Pay Bills screen." ?


At the moment it always reverts back to "Remittance advice delivery status: to be printed" when you close out of the screen.


Thank you



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2015

Default settings for remittances advices has certainly been a popular suggestion. So, we're very pleased to announce that we've implemented this in version 2015.4. You can find more information on this, and on the other nifty improvements that have been made in version 2015.4 via our AccountRight Blog.

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Two points in regards to the Remittance advice delivery status:

1) we should be able to set the remittance advice delivery status as a default in each supplier card

2) we should be able to make changes to the remittance advice delivery status even after already processing the Electronic Payment.


it is such a pain to try to remember each time i process Pay Bills to make sure the remittance advice delivery status is set to Email.  And then more of a pain because i can't go and change it afterwards.  So therefore if when i do forget (which is usually when i'm in a rush), I then have to manually email everyone the remittance advice (which is lots more work, and like i say, it usually happens when i'm in a rush, so then don't have time to stuff around manually emailing remittance advices.)


Thank you.

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I agree - for Spend Money as well please!

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You have my vote

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Absolutely - We used to be able to, why not now?  Please explain

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Agreed. It is definitely something they need to consider. We use AccountRight Plus and constantly have this issue, as some suppliers we email remittance advices to and others we post.


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Thank you for the feedback on this. Its great to see so much support for this feature already, anyone that hasn't already and wants to see this please do continue to vote and comment to show your support.
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Thank you for your post, A-E. At present the program tends to remember your last selection until you exit the file. We understand that being able to set up a preferred Delivery Status would make things easy. Request others who would like this change brought about to please Vote and add any relevant comments.
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totally agree

it is such a pain to change certain suppliers to be printed or emailed every single time

we should be able to set a default

MYOB: please make this happened

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would you be able to set up an option to set remittance advise as either default print or email for certain suppliers?

it is a pain to change it every time entering the invoices


many thanks