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Report: General Ledger [Detail] - Tax column

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I wouldn't think this was a particularly difficult thing to 'add' in to MYOB general ledger detail reports (or in the GST/Tax area etc) but we definitely DO need to be able to simply customise our MYOB general ledger details report so as to 'add' a column on that report to show the GST claimed/paid in respect of ANY transaction.


This makes it very quick and easy to pick a particular account, have the appropriate column filters ON (including the tax amount column) to drill down and not only see account totals but to determine which PARTICULAR/INDIVIDUAL accounts have had GST treated correctly.


Exception reports are fine...but when explaining to a client, it is far easier to simply bring up an account and show them which accounts are not doing what we need/expect them to do.


By having a 'tax column' account, it will also benefit the accountant by totalling up the GST applicable to those transactions without meticulously wasting time clicking into transactions one at a time then manually adding up as a basis for a journal adjustment.


Quickbooks has this simple tax amount column available to ALL ledger transaction detail reports and I think it is long overdue in MYOB reporting. Very simple for accountants and clients to make use of...please add in ASAP!


I have attached a QB report which is just a basic drill down into the general ledger of 'bank fees' --> I simply select tax column and it shows me which transactions did or did not have GST claimed on them WITHOUT having to view all transactions for a month/quarter/year for ALL accounts.


An exception report is great for bookkeepers or those at a data entry level...the column I refer to is a simple addition which helps accountants check particular accounts at a quick glance and gives us the information in a split second including the totals which form the basis for any adjustment required.

I also discussed this with a MYOB training representative some time ago in Brisbane who advised that this functionality was not and was never part of the MYOB reporting system. A MYOB representative advised us late yesterday to submit this here in the hope that it would be considered and adopted in newer versions...please do!


"Tax Amount Column"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2023

Hi Everyone

The General ledger report in the AccountRight browser interface will contain a tax column. This will showcase the total tax amount for that transaction. 

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Can we please have a general ledger detail report that you can opt to have the GST in it (like Banklink) i.e.


Gross  GST Net


This would make like so much easier for Accountants and the like.  I know we have the GST reports, but a lot of the time a review is done account by account.


Please vote for this Smiley LOL

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Yes please.


Also the same thing in session reports/Journal Security Report which the accountant gives me at the end of the year so i can include the end of year adjustments in my system - it doesn't show what GST code has been used.

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Yes Yes and Yes Please. Would make auditing a file so much easier.

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MYOB already does this, just not in the General Ledger Detail Report that you have been using. Go to GST reports/GST -cash or accrual, put in the dates. The report shows each tax type FRE/GST/CAP/N-T and then the details of the sale or purchase value and separate colums for GST collected or paid.


You can easily run your eye down the list of transactions on the screen and see whether any transactions stand out as being wrong or requiring a further look. Click through to the transaction, check and change if necessary.

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Would be a good feature.


With Bank Feeds, it will be essential to have the initial setup correct by way of ledger name, GST code and any private component..


First thing, I do when I start a MYOB File is delete the Tax Codes that will not be used, unlink unwanted linkages, delete unwanted ledger and finally rename the ledgers.


What are the income streams, what are the specific expenses of the business, what the specific assets held. I give Tax Agents a file with eight income streams with a total and the Financial Statements show 1 Sales Figure - easy for the Tax Return but not what a proprietor wants.


As Tom says the GST Detail report can be used to check coding.

The Company Data Auditor is useful as is reveiewing recuriing entries.


A Suppliers Card can also be setup with a default ledger and GST code. Mant ledgers eg rent have the same figure each month so a Tax Agent/BAS Agent would only check 1 entry.


I agree with you any change that would make advising to clients easier would be an improvement.

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I have previously requested this also

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Thank you for the suggestion, making reports easier to look at and get all the information you need is something that we're always keen to look into. Any other members that would like to see this added, please do keep voting and commenting.
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Thanks for the idea Kerry_Black. Having GST show per line item in the General Ledger report has also been suggested by other users. It's currently listed under consideration here. We recommend adding a vote.
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I too think this is a very good idea.


I use this feature in QuickBooks all the time to check that the right GST code has been used.


Also a very good feature to have when you are doing a report for each General Ledger Account Code to find out what the total GST inclusive costs are per Account. IE contractors, materials etc.

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Should definitely be included in AccountRight. You only have to use Essentials Accounting which has this functionality to see how beneficial it is. As an accountant I can tell you that this would be incredibly useful.