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Report: General Ledger [Summary] - Include Current Year Earnings

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3-9000 used to show in V19 General Ledger Summary Report.


Can we get this back into the ARL releases please.


"Current Earnings not showing in General Ledger Summary Report'

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hello @Greebo 


Thank you for your idea, this was removed from the Genera; Ledger Summary Report because you cannot directly code to this account. If there is anyone else out there that would like to see this back in the product, please cast a vote and comment and other information that is relevant. 


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Definitely like to see it back,  very confusing when the total debits and credits on the general ledger summary are not the same.

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I also think that the General Ledger Summary needs to balance. As an accountant it is one of the first things I look for to check that the file is not corrupted. Please show it again. 

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This problem needs to be fixed! I'm not even an accountant but I know the General Ledger Reports need to balance. It's basic double entry accounting - the Debits MUST always equal the Credits, otherwise it looks like there's something wrong, or that the data is corrupt. Please raise this as a priority, not a nice to have.