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Report: Job Profit & Loss Statement - Ability to produce across financial years

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We have projects 'jobs' that span over two financial years and it is frustrating to have to export the two years to excel to produce a P&L for the life of the project.  


Any chance of having a user defined reporting period for jobs, this report is not generally used for year end company reporting so I don't see it as being a problem.


"Job Reporting Profit and Loss Report"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2023

Hi Everyone

The Job profit & loss reports can be run over multiple financial years within AccountRight 2023.1 and the AccountRight Browser interface. Do ensure that you enter the appropriate date range into the filters.

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I agree. I have a client that many jobs which run over a calendar year. In order to produce a job P&L, two reports need to be run, exported to Excel and then amalgameted.


From memory, it used to the case that job P&L reports were not confined to financial years. Certainly, job budget analysis reports are not - which is one way around the problem, as long as there are not transactions that fall outside the desired time frame.

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We run jobs over two financial years - it would be good to run P&L reports for periods that are not defined by financial years to avoid the necessity of exporting to excel and merging the two.

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I agree this is needed.  I understand that the Jobs [budget analysis] can provide the historical details for a job, particularly pertinent in the construction industry.  However a P&L report comparing years would be a fantastic additional.  We track divisions of our practice using jobs, and would like to compare year on year for each partner with a click of a button, rather than requiring to export to excel.  You need to consider removing the July to June constraint along with the Last/This/Next year.  Oh and write a report to go landscape with jobs at the top colums so you can run a finger along a row should the account. thanks



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We have a serious problem as an organization dealing with Profit and Loss reports (all) which cannot be run outside current financial years
Example: our actual financial year is November to October
This creates problems at tax time running financial reports for the tax year July to June
Running historical P&L reports is not possible in the current system (which is ver annoying when trying to compare performance over several years
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Would love to see the functionality to be able to report over multiple financial years.  We are a building company and jobs span across more than one financial year every time.  It is frustrating to have to roll back a company file or reinstate a prior back up to obtain information on P/L, categories and job info.  This should be a quick reporting process which turns into an hour long task and is very frustrating.  I have seen many complaints about this feature not being available and can't see why it wouldn't be an easy fix in this program after all of these years.

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There have been many requests to MYOB for a multi year P&L (5 or 7) over the years.


I understand that MYOB's major competitor has a P&L and Balance Sheet up to 7 years.


As a Financial Adviser, I find a multi year P&L and Balance Sheet to be very useful.



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Hi P3, 

I wanted to do a simlar thing but realised after a couple of jobs (where i through we were making a good profit) that this report shows actual figures against budget. So when looking at the report for salaries under expense account; the salaries actual coloumn is only wages that you have paid the employees. It does not take into account your overheads (so the salaries plus wages) which is tracked in timebilling.

To track a job i run two reports 

- Jobs (Budget Analysis) report, this gives me the budget info

- Activity Slip (Job Detail) report, this gives me the cost figures (so the salaries plus overheads)


If anyone can assist with a better and easier way to track jobs I'd be greatful. 

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M.Y.O.B Please make it possible to obtain job P & L reports for the entirity of the project. It is frustrating having to produce a separate report for each financial year. Also a budget versus actual report showing remaining balances for jobs would be highly beneficial. 

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Hi Everyone

The Job profit & loss reports can be run over multiple financial years within AccountRight 2023.1 and the AccountRight Browser interface. Do ensure that you enter the appropriate date range into the filters.