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Report: Job Profit & Loss Statement - Include Budget values

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In previous versions of MYOB you were able to print the Job Profit & Loss report with the Budget Figures.  However with Account Right 2013.3 this facility is no longer available.  PLEASE re-consider the removal of this feature as it is a necessary part of using the Job function.


"Job Profit & Loss to Include Budget Figures"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2013

Thank you for the post, ReefGroup. As suggested by MickDevine, you may find that the Job (Budget Analysis) report has the information that you are after, as it contains details of the Actuals as well as budgeted figures for Jobs. However I have passed on your feedback to our Developers to consider adding the Budgeted field back into the Jobs P&L report. We request others who would like this to be brought back to please Vote and add comments.

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Job and Department actual to budget reporting in AccountRight:


AccountRight supports accounting for departments through creating a job code for each department, including a job code in each transaction and running job profit and loss reports to show departmental income and expenditure.


However it does not provide department (job) actual to budget comparison reports (with variances), for a chosen period  -  say, the September quarter or January to June.


It only provides actual to budget comparisons, where the user sets the budget completion percentage-to-date in the job code set-up screen.


This approach works for companies undertaking projects – for example building 10 houses, with the jobs (departments) set as House #1, House #2, House #3 etc.

However it’s impractical for organisations wanting to run actual-to-budget reports (with variances), for a chosen date range – and/or a range of departments.


Fortunately there is a companion product designed to work with AccountRight for this purpose – particularly for non-profit organisations

- Calxa Premier from in Townsville


Calxa provides departmental budgeting and reporting, plus consolidated reports, income and expense forecasts and cashflow projections, whilst being easy to learn and use.


There's also Smart Reports, from in Brisbane.


Non-profits can get Calxa for only $120 per year, after registering with

This is a 90% discount on Calxa’s retail subscription price of $1,495 per year.

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In V19 we were able to print Job Profit and Loss reports with Job Budgets. This report enabled Not for Profit clients to review their spending against job budget for cash flow and also acquittal.


The Job Budget Analysis report shows the entire history of the job, not a particular year or timeframe.

This is not helpful when Not for Profits receive annual funding and need to acquit every year separately.


Can you please re-enable the budget column in the Job Profit and Loss report, and include in the modifications to this program.

Currently, we are recommending all of our Not for Profit clients do not upgrade from Version 19 to 2015 for this reason.



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We have the same problem.  We wanted to generate Jobs P&L with Budget but with MYOB Version 2015.1 did not have that option in the filters.

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Please update 2015.1 to match Premier 19.10 on reports, jobs, profit and loss, report fields and advanced filters. I need t be able to run an P&L v budget for financial years, paticularly for grant reportting and tracking.



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Jobs Profit and Loss Statement: "Budgeted" column needs to be added.


Note: The Calxa Premier add-on is very good for this

- see MYOB Add-Ons p- Calxa Premier

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We need the job budget field to be added to the job P & L report

We are having to use Excel to create this report - a time consuming option

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Hello @AnnetteB


Thank you for your comments I have past your feedback onto the team for you. In the meantime please all users that you like a budget field added to the P&L report keep voting on the idea. 

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In V19.10 we were able to print Job Profit and Loss reports with Job Budgets.


We can't do this in Accounting Right Plus AU V 2016.1


It is extremely frustrating.

Can this be included in the modifications to this program.


Due to Funding reports this column is required

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The budget field was available in V19 for Job P & L reports and was a vital part of our business.  We run various grants which need to be monitored regularily to ensure that we are staying with budget.  The Job P & L report with budget column was perfect for this. 

I have tried the other budget analysis reports but they just don't provide what we need.


It has been years since requests were made for budget column be added back to the job P & L report.  It was an option that we had before but has been taken away - we don't want something new we just want what we had before. 

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We use jobs to report on grants every year but the job codes remain relatively static across financial years. The capacity to analyse job P&Ls against an annual budget is important to our business to track income and expenditure throughout the year. Please please please add the capacity to enter a budget per financial year, as per a consolidated budget. Exporting the Job P&L into excel to add the budget column is huge time waster.