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Report: Job Transactions [Accrual] - Allocation memo column

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 Please  add  ALLOCATED MEMOs  to HIDE/SHOW   box  in  REPORTS - JOB-Transactions.  This was a feature in 19.9  but has been omitted from 2013.2.   This is a feature that is required by our company.   Because it is missing I now have to revert back to 19.9  and redo  3 weeks work.......Not happy.


"Detailed Job Report"

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Last Changed: September 2013

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Hi LC,


Thanks for your feedback.  You are right the allocation memo appears to have been removed from the Jobs transaction report in AccountRight 2013.  I will make sure this is raised with our Developers to be fixed in a later update.

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I hope this can be addressed ASAP.

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The sooner this is implemented the better. 

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Needs an area for  "description" or an "allocation Memo" known in V19

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One further question (or suggestion) -


In the Job Activity Detail report could we have a balance, or

in the Job Transactions Accrual report could we have the Allocation Memo.

As it is we will still have to run 2 reports.

Many thanks for all your help!

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I vote for including an overall balance please

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I agree as builders we need the Allocation Memo in the Job Transactions (Acurral) report. This helps with detail descriptions of what we was purchased on the job. Was in the previous release and cant' see why it's not in AccountRight Live 2015.1

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Hi @De


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.


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It would be really handy if the "allocation memo" could be added as an available column in the Job Transaction (Accrual) Report.


The reason being, the Job Transaction (Accrual) report is one of the few reports that has 

Beginning Balance :-$381,183.19
Net Activity :$13,316.66
Ending Balance :-$367,866.53

at the end of the report.  It is really handy for clients to be able to see this format.   But unfortunately the allocation memo is an option as an additional column.  The allocation memo column adds additional details that are not included in the Memo line, that relate specifically to the individual lines of the transaction.