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Report: Profit & Loss [Budget Analysis] - Show month by month values

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My Board of Management request a Profit & Loss with Budget Analysis and YTD figures every month.  Currently I need to send to XL and spend the day cutting and pasting as I have five separate businesses to complete this report for.  I would love to see this report in Account Right Live.  I was hoping when I recently upgraded to Account Right Live 2012 that I would be able to create this report, but no such luck.





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Last Changed: March 2023

Hi Everyone

The Profit & loss report available in the AccountRight browser interface allows the user to compare that report to their budgets entered through that interface. You can compare the values on a monthly basis if required.

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I have a need to produce comparitive P/L Reports.  Currently I run 3 P/L reports, export to Excell then combine.  This allows all P/L reports to be presented to Management Committee on 2 pages instead of 6 pages and is also easy to compare.  

I run current month with Year to Date (columns 3 and 4); Last Year (Period July to Currrent Month) and Budget (Period July to Current Month)

I have supported many financial applications including Oracle Financials, Finance 1 and always been able to have a customised report written which runs from the underlying database - in this case MYOB.  Support call to MYOB sugested using an Add -On whihc I have tested out.   However, add-on pulls MYOB data into it's database (clunky) and still requires a report to be prepared by Add-on.   I am happy to pay a reasonable amount for development of report to save the 1/2 to 1 hour each month - within MYOB - but this does not seem to be an option. 

Has anyone any suggest how I can achieve what I want directly from MYOB i.e. without requirements of Excell and combining?

Look forward to suggestions.  Regards  Eleanor

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Hi there,

Suggest you look at Calxa reports ( which does reports in both Version 19.x and 2014, or Sidekick reports ( which only runs with V19.x at present. Calxa has the ability to customise reports to your requirements, and I think Sidekick has this exact report as one of their std reports.

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HI Jenniek

Thank you for the reply.  I have looked before at Calxa but it is only available (I think) on yearly subscription.   We are on AR2014 so Sidekick is not a valid solution.  Also, I think both of these pull the data into their own database and then you run reports from that database.  I want to avoid this and be able to run the custom report from within MYOB report menu - custom report would be OK.

I run this as a volunteer for a charity and the cost of additional software is not really warranted when my time is given free to the charity.

Any other suggestions are welcome


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Hello @eleanora the ability to incorporate additional reports within the AccountRight program does not exist, and unless MYOB changes its development philosophy for this program, never will.


Programs like Oracle and (SAP?) Finance One are many orders of magnitude more expensive than AccountRight, which is aimed at the small to medium organisation.


The only path for third-party developers to access AccountRight is through the API, using an external program.

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Dear Mike_James

Thank you for your reply.  I suspected that the ability to incorporate customised reports did not exist within MYOB.  I pity as that would really make MYOB much more flexible although it does add an additional complexity to upgrades to ensure custom reports are not lost.  I realise the costs of other Financial packages are more than MYOB (hence the reason I have used MYOB since July 2000!) and realise MYOB is aimed at small to medium organisations. The proliferations of add-ons including one which already provides my required report, (but not to our version of software),  does show there is a need for greater reporting than currently provided by MYOB.

Perhaps I must resign myself to monthly manipulations of spreadsheets!

Regards   Eleanor 

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Hi Steven_M

Thank you for saying this is Under consideration.  However, you mention multi-period P/L.  In this case three columns are for the current Fin Year with only the LH column being PY.   Currently all reports are available in MYOB but as separate reports (with %).   Management committee is not interested in the %'s only in comparison of actual figures.  Hope this clarifies my requirements.


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Hi @eleanora 

Thank you for your comments and expanding on your idea. 

Currently the percentage columns can be removed from those reports if not required. You would display the required report and select the Insert/Modify tab>>Show Hide in the Report Columns section then highlight the required field on the right so you can hide that field using the button in the middle.

For more information into reports please see Support Note: Working with reports in the new AccountRight


I have shared your comments and feedback with the team.

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I work for a turf Farm.

we sell our product by the M2


we are looking for a financial package that allows us to produce P&L's which also contain (At the top of the P&L Report) budgeted versus Actual volumes of our product sold.



We also need to produce reports for say the month of Sept 2015 that show us the Month to Date (Actual v Budget and variance) and also the Year to Date (Actual v Budget and variance)


It would look like this                          MTD                                                     YTD

                                      Actual           Budget          Variance         Actual    Budget     Variance                                    


Volume sold in M2         10000           12000           (2000)             20000     25000      (5000)



Sales                             $120000        $140000      ($20000)         $240000   $280000   ($40000)

















The combination of Volumes and $$ is invaluable information to us and is essential for our business.




I have been instructed by my MD to source a new financial package that can deliver this.

My initial thought is that you could enhance the Myob system so that I don;t have to source and alternative product.




If you do this, it would also require that budgeted volumes would need to be able to be entered into the MYOB systems.


I hope this is doable as my instructions to source the system that suits our business is clear.



David Butler

ph 0428 946 994












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Yes, it is a shame that you have to either export to excel and consolidate or use an add-on program to create what should be a standard report. 


I have voted on this idea quite a long time ago and like you I am still waiting on MYOB to come through on this one.  A Profit and Loss Budget report with YTD figures is quite simple to get out of another program I use.....

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I was just looking for this exact report.


Why bother putting in Budget figures if I can't run a report to compare them to Actuals.   

Poor Accounting MYOB !