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Report: Sales Register Detail [All Sales] - Exclude quotes from All Sales status

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When printing the Sales Register Detail [All Sales], the options at Sale Status are:

- Open

- Credit

- Closed

- All Invoices

- Orders

- Quotes

- All Sales


The problem with this is that when All Invoices is selected, the report includes the Quotes!!  But the problem is that Quotes are not recorded Invoices and therefore the Total amount listed at the bottom for the Sales Register report is incorrect!


And if Invoices is selected as opposed to All Sales, then it doesn't include Credits, which needs to be included in the total when you are printing a total for the Sales for the month.


We need to be able to have an option to exclude the Quotes from All Invoices - either that, or have the Sale Status in form of tick boxes, so you can tick both Invoices and Credits at the same time.


I have been able to have a work around where I go into Additional Filters and select the From and To invoice numbers - however this is messy and time consuming, and only works for us as our Quotes start with Q and our Invoices start with INV (and so alphabetically it works) but this would not work with all invoice numbering systems.


Thanks for listening! 


'Sales Register Detail [All Sales] report - need to be able to omit Quotes from 'All Sales' Sale Status"