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Report: Session Security Audit - Time zone





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Currently the above report displays session times at UTC.  It would be great if the user can specify the time zone for which the report is generated for.


If the user can't specify the time zone then at least default it to AEST.  Without knowing the exact numbers but I hazard a guess that majority of AccountRight Live users are in this time zone.


Having to always work out when a user logged on is rather time consuming.


"Changing time zone for Session Security Audit Report"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: May 2015

Hi all,


I am glad to say the issue with the Journal Security Audit and the Session Security Audit report displaying in GMT +0 has been fixed as of the 2015.2 update.


To see more information about the 2015.2 update feel free to check out the blog.

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I was advised by MYOB that we can use the Session Security Audits to show who was in the MYOB file and when but due to this time issue it is useless to me.  I administer a number of MYOB files and according to the the times on the audit reports people are only in them from around 11pm to 3 am.  Obviously this is not the case and makes it impossible when you are trying to keep and eye on who is in the files and when.

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Thanks for the Idea Chuck_Mak. I agree there needs to be an option to specify a timezone in AccountRight for your session reports. We would love to hear what others think about this. Please add a vote or any suggestions.
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Simple solution would be to pickup on the the existing Date and Time settings of the PC that the user is working on.


I also suggest that that Date and Time zone be displayed as indicated below:-

Time Zone Detail.jpg

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It does seem a bit pointless having this function if it does not show the correct time and date.  When I first started using MYOB in 2000, the time and date was taken from your system date... I remember having to change the computer date each time we did another data file in class.  


What is UTC.  I live in Perth WA and it seems MYOB's clock is about 8 hrs behind us.


It would seem that this would be an important thing to fix if a company was to use the report in a disciplinary action then I don't know if this would hold water the way it is.


It also helps me as a bookkeeper to keep track of when I started work on a client's file.



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I have been working on a clients file today and could not remember how many hours I had been working on the file so for invoicing reasons decided to run the "Session Security Audit Report" to find it states I logged in at 2.00 am in the morning?    I just logged out and and back in and it reported the time at 8.00 am?


Is there a known bug with this report...if my client was clever enough to run this report I am sure he would be mortified to see on the report that I was logged in at 2.00 am in the morning on his file!  :smileyembarrassed:



Session Security Audit Report.jpg

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Yes - I agree totally. I have just logged on to my file at 10.21am on Sunday 25/5/14 - and session report is telling me I logged on at 10.21pm on 24/5/14 - 12 hours behind what it should be. I log in to many client files - and it would be good to have correct dates and times

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Has anything been done to fix this issue?  I now have to justify staff hours spent undertaking various tasks but none of the "solutions" noted above do not provide an accurate report of processing transactions.  


As an example, I processed payroll today but the transactions do not show in the general journal sessions reports.  I had ALL selected for source journal and display transactions; the user name was selected; along with the session date (from today's date, to today's date).  


When the session date is changed to yesterday, the payroll transactions appear, as do transactions processed early this morning.


Does this report base it's time zone at GMT?  If so, how do I change this to reflect the correct processing date.  


Also, the session security audit report does not provide accurate log on/off details.  It does not show the full session time, only bits and pieces at a time.  I did manage to export the data to excel and add a formula to create the correct AEST time zone but the duration of the session times are wrong.  I have MYOB logged on for 10 hours every day.  It's the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night but it only shows an hour here and there.  See below:


 13/01/2015 6:13 AM Administrator User closed out of file or application d27dee11-b256-450e-b39e-6820aeddf032
13/01/2015 9:52 PM Administrator Successful logon to the file 354d865d-fa11-45d1-bd0e-0f6713070add
13/01/2015 11:00 PM Administrator Successful logon to the file 01999ae2-399f-46b3-bca2-f60b70ab2adc
13/01/2015 11:00 PM Administrator Successful logon to the file 79219c3e-a8d9-4147-a95b-5c79eda0fca8
13/01/2015 11:02 PM Administrator User closed out of file or application 354d865d-fa11-45d1-bd0e-0f6713070add
13/01/2015 11:23 PM Administrator Successful logon to the file d4a621f4-0de0-4112-bdfe-a730c7b53f30
14/01/2015 4:08 AM Administrator Successful logon to the file e0a1e392-94ba-43ca-a182-4cd66da4495e
14/01/2015 4:09 AM Administrator Successful logon to the file 79401508-5dac-41b9-b8f4-c63773c442d3
14/01/2015 4:11 AM Administrator User closed out of file or application d4a621f4-0de0-4112-bdfe-a730c7b53f30
14/01/2015 4:39 AM Administrator Successful logon to the file f912873b-da78-4efc-a637-da2a40761256

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Hi @CTL 

Thank you for your comments in regards to AccountRight and the Session Security Audit report.

I actually have a different opinion in regards to this idea. AccountRight Live records the date/time to be GMT. The reason why I think it does this is because if you have multiple users around the world you want to have a equal timezone to show the report clearly. 

For example say you login on 15/01/2015 at 9am (AU time) but  you had a colleague that was working in Los Angeles (US) and logged in at the same time 15/01/2015 at 9am however their time this would be a different time in your time. If they were done on the local time that you logged in as it could create confusion into when another user logged in.

I personally think converting it to be GMT is would eliminate this confusion in regards to timezones and other factors like daylight savings. However I can see how other users would find it annoying and find it difficult working it out (I know I would have to really think about when it was) so I do see where people are coming from.  

In a direct answer to your question regarding can you change the report to make it the correct processing date, not currently it would be set to be GMT.  However this idea is desgined to change it to allow this feature. Along with commenting, I would encourage you to show your support by voting for this idea if you would like to see it changed.

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I agree with CT - it would be much better to have the local time of the file showing. I too check log files of users logged on and time taken, and having the wrong time makes this a difficult task. Having GMT is OK because your servers support a multi-national environment - but if the local time was defaulted for each file - this would make the day to day operation much easier and solve the problem for 95% of MYOB clients. The clients that have users accessing from different countries must be minimal and they would then know to look out for this problem.

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I see your point Steven however as Jennie mentioned above, one would presume that a higher percentage of users are based in AU/NZ rather than overseas.


Can you offer some advice regarding the session security audit report showing incorrect logon/logoff durations.

Thanks so much.