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Report: Transaction Tax Codes - Payment Basis

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Can we get a Standard Transaction Report that lists transactions by Account Code and includes description/narration/memo, GST Gross, GST Value, GST Net.

I can supply an example.  The best I've seen is the Banklink Ledger Report.

I need something to check the accuracy of the data when doing GSTs.  The current GST Detial (Invoice) report doesn't include the Accounts so there is no way I know if a motor vehicle expense has been wronlgy coded to Postage other than the Card File name.  There is also no narration so I can't see if the Entertainment has been adjusted for the non-deductible/personal use portion.



Andrew Crawford


I asked the Community if such a report existed, topic GST Audit Report, I attached some examples of what I wanted.


"Standard Transaction Report"

Based on further comments -Transaction GST Codes report is a suitable report for the requirements, however, can't be run on a payment basis.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hi @GulfAccountants

Thank you for your ideas in regards to AccountRight and GST reporting.

AccountRight filters the GST portion of the transaction to the GST account at the time of recording the transaction so the current GST reports are looking into the GST apart of the transaction not the allocation account part of the transaction i.e. the Income/expense account. 

However in saying that I would recommend if other users would like to see a GST report that will show the allocation account part of the transaction to vote and comment for this idea,

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Dear Suja


Did you go to a roadshow?  i am over 50 so have been to many events and have a good idea of what a good roadshow is and the roadshow I went to was poor.  I hung around after to speak to MYOB people, the lady who played teh accountant role in the dumb role play was one i spoke to but she had no idea.  I waited to speak to the breakout guys but they were off to catch a plane.  


I don't know why I'm not getting my point across.  The roadhsow was poor yet you guys think it was wonderful.  I don't have any reason to be negative of MYOB so why would I be so negative when you guys are so positive?


Anyway on the bright side I have found a report that I can manipulate that gives me the GST Audit Report.  The shame is the skeleton of the report is avaiable in MYOB yet no-one was able to point me in the right direction.  The GST Exception repots were suggested, that was a joke.


At least I can get on and can now stop trying to raise votes.  What a stupid stupid system, I am annoyed with MYOB for failing me yet I'm then expected to work for MYOB to convince the other 700000+ users to back my idea request.  That would be like asking a fired employee to head hunt his replacement.


Anyway best of luck and please take off teh rose coloured glasses, have a look at the roadshow crowd videos with a critical eye.  I had expectations and the dumb role play missed them by a long way.



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Hi Andrew (@GulfAccountants),

Thank you again for your feedback regarding the roadshow and the Idea Exchange board's voting system. Both have been noted and passed on to the relevant teams. 

It is fantastic to know that you've been able to find a report that you are able to work with for the time being. 

Do let us know if there is anything else that we can help with.

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Dear Suja_P


Have you heard anything back from the relevant teams?


Re the report; it was good for clients on Invoice Basis but I couldn't get it to work for Payments Basis. My boss, Bill Singh, liked the report I produced, he led the GST implementation team into Fiji and Delhi and work for ~30 years with the IRD before going into Public Practice.  I value his opinion, if he says he liked it then it probably met all the bells and whistles required.


Now I want to deliver a Payments Basis report but I need help from the relevant team.


Could you ask one of the relevant team members to consider giving you an update and if possible maybe getting in contact with me so we can see if we can find a Payments Basis report.


I would have thought one of the relevant team members may have contacted me / you to find out what report I was using to see if it could be of value to the wider MYOB community to allow them to be of greater service to their clients.  However you know what is best use of MYOB's resources, I'm in your capable hands.


Thank you


Andrew Crawford

Gulf Accountants Ltd

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Hi @GulfAccountants


Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today and as discuss I'll pass your feedback on to the Roadshow team.

Also fantastic work on finding the Report>>GST>>GST Code Report>>Transaction GST Codes report. As you did mention it does have the transactions filtered by account, showing the amount, the default tax code and entered tax code on that report along with the memo of the transaction. I'll pass this report on to the relevant team to look into updating that for to looked into for a payment basis report.

Once again thank you for taking the time to speak with me today and sharing your thoughts.