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Reports: Ability to produce reports for more than current, next and last financial years (historical information)

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It is very frustrating that reporting is not available more than the 12 months prior to the current financial year. Now that we have been in the business for nearly 5 years we would like to look at and analyse how we have performed.

It seems without accessing and restoring prior years data this is not achieveable. What a HUGE let down. This should be a simple process, that is not time consuming. I have not worked with accounting packages before that dont provide this.

I believe this is something that should be looked at as a matter of urgency.


"Historical Reporting"

Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Statement

General Ledger 

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2023

Hi Everyone

From AccountRight 2020.4, users can produce reports for the current, next and past financial years.


The AccountRight browser also allows the user to select dates that fall in different financial years for reporting.

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i have just had a discussion with my accountant and he said that MYOB was looking at cutting back/updating some of the reports.  I use the Sales History reporting and find it very handy to compare years.  however our company has only been going since 2011 and I can see that while I can compare years 2011 to 2012 I would like to do it as an ongoing exercise in future years but there doesnt currently appear to be an option to get more than current FY and past FY figures.  Will MYOB be looking at this aspect of this particular report so that you can select any years that you  want to compare on the one spreadsheet without having to cut and paste from previous reports? 

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The General Ledger Detail report will not run for previous years even if the data for the provious year is not deleted in the year end process. 


We use the General Ledger Detail report regularly to identify expense transactions.  These can be viewed from the Account card but not easily printed.  The account Transactions accrual provides a proxy but does not include the all of the same fields.


It seems that this may be a hangover of the old days when you had to purge transactions from pervious years in the year end process.

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Would it be possible to have a different year-end  function ? maybe one similar to the current 'lock period' function

that can be unticked (with care of course) and/or, ability to view/report on past years' GL transactions?


Especially for use by an accountant , useful when client has inadvertantly rolled the financial year , before the accountant has had time to provide EOY adjusting entries; after preparing the Tax Return,often prepared the following April after YE June.


The ability to only  have 2 years of BASLINK available , is also a little restrictive. .. reprinting the reports  being a useful tool when preparing a GST rec.


 kind regards



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Hi Joyce


A great idea.


Nothing more frustrating than having to go back to a backup for the previous year for information.


This is where QuickBooks has an advantage over MYOB. (Wash my mouth out" Smiley Surprised )

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In a perfect world, a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet should have comparisons for 5 or even 10 years.


Rollover would be a thing of the past.


There would be a concern if prior year accounts were altered incorrectly.


MYOB and the senior MYOB Consultants may wish to comment as to what the future might hold.


Duncan Smith

Business Adfvice + Tax 


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I was under the impression that rollover went out with the inception of the AR20xx series. Given this there is little likelihood of MYOB fiddling with the earlier versions of the program.





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Please implement the possibility of reporting from past financial years. Eg: profit & loss.

It aids in creating future budgets, looking at past performance and comparing over a period of time.

This is a very relevant reporting facility and is something that I have used with other accounting packages previously.

It is quite frustrating to find that to access past history I have to either restore previous backups or keep hardcopies.


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Hi Tricia,


Have a look at BudgetLink. It's an addon to MYOB which should allow you to do exactly what you need. You can download it from here.


Once downloaded and installed and on the Get Data Optiosn dialogue, simply click Options, go to years and choose the number of years you want.


I hope this helps.



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Thankyou. I have looked at this but looks like it will take me some time to get my head around.

I have an accounting package, I feel it should perform what I need it to. It is not a difficult concept, analysing performance of past years.....In fact I have used various accounting packages over the years and this is the first time I have come across this!


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I believe your idea is very useful.


Business Owners should be looking at the past performance of their business over multiple years (5) not just 2.


The rollover procedures in MYOB have changed and, I believe. there is now a functionality to keep up to seven years of data in a MYOB file.


As a Tax Agent, it would be interesting what the response of Tax Agents and Softeware Providers might be.


Up to MYOB now.