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Reports: Cash Flow Analysis

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Where has Cash Flow Analysis gone. I don't know of any small business operater that doesn't rely on cash flow analysis 30/60/90 days, It's been in every version of MYOB that I am aware of, why omit it now? Please bring it back, it is a major oversight!!! I know you now have business insights but if you are a small business operator and not an accountant then this doesn't give the basic information we need!!!

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Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for the post and all your comments. We request others to Vote and comment on this idea so that our Developers can get an idea on how many users would like the Cash Flow Analysis report brought into the new AccountRight range.

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It's been 10 years since this issue was first raised and apparently they are "still considering adding this feature in future releases of the software, and are still encouraging clients to vote and comment if required for this particular idea".


Albeit somewhat encouraging, my optimism towards it actually happening has waned a tad.

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It really pushes my buttons that we have to vote and comment to have features brought back that are not new, but rather something that someone who doesn't actually use the software has decided is no longer needed and should be removed. So many of the "ideas" here are simple requests for features that have been removed/broken to be put back/fixed. I check in with the major competitor every few months waiting for them to introduce the two remaining features of MYOB's that I use regularly which they are missing. Having said that, if MYOB decides to break or remove those two features, I'll be jumping ship at the earliest opportunity. 

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Again I heartily agree with today's comments about the continued absence of the Cash Flow Analysis report and also the need for us to continually 'vote' on what we need or what should be restored! How many times do we need to say it or how many of us need to jump up and down before someone will listen.


Very frustrating as a Partner to not be able to assist clients with these sorts of reports that all business should be embracing.


Sorry to say it but it seems we have too many IT/programming boffins dictating what we should have rather than what businesses actually need!


Rant over..... for the moment anyway 


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Too true @robcraw 


I was once employed to assist a merchant company out of a serious financial mess, which involved taking over the financial reigns while trying to keep the Directors constantly in the loop. This is a dangerous job in that if you don't have a complete understanding of the financial situation very quickly, then things can go badly. Not to mention, you become the villian.


The very first thing I did was to export the Cashflow Analysis to Excel and then create a chart (updated daily) that clearly showed the predicted cashflow situation of the company for the next 3 months or so.  Obviously, the second thing was to contact the critical suppliers and have a chat.


Within 3 months the hate mail stopped coming in and the Directors were completely board with the mechanics behind it all. At 6 months I was training one of the Directors to manage the cashflow system and finally at 9 months, we were back on course. I then handed back the reigns and made myself redundant. The Company traded successfully for another 10 years and then sold on to new owners.


I absolutely agree with your comment: "it seems we have too many IT/programming boffins dictating what we should have rather than what businesses actually need!" If these reports hinder the overall performance of the system, then it's their job to find a way to find a way to make them work - clearly the IT/programming boffins are failing at their job.