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Reports: Include account number tickbox on report filter page

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The new release of AccountRight Live 2013.4 is great.  However, although the Export to Excel option is now available, it only runs and exports without the account numbers.  The workaround is to display the report first and then hide or unhide the account number before exporting to Excel.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a tick-box on the front filter page to include or exclude account numbers for reports like the balance sheet or profit and loss? And perhaps another tick-box to include or exclude accounts with zero balances.


Harry Linden

Lakesview Consulting Pty Ltd


"Include account number tickbox on report filter page"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

Great suggestion. This seems to be a very popular idea. Anyone else who would like to see this bought into the product, please vote for this idea.

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I wish to print a Trial Balance with account codes, as neither I or any other accountant I knoiw will ever use a trail balance without account codes!


So I select reports, then I have to insert / Modify,then I have to show hide and the only option is Account No.!


What a huge waste of time!


I suggest;

  1. We have the option to have account no displayed in TB in a settings window.
  2. A select box for account no on the filters page (say under Include Zero Balances & Round to whole dollars)
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I agree the average user would not work out how to unhide the account number option (in the P & L report it is the only option displayed in this area).   I agree a tick box would be great stating "Include Account Numbers".   You have my vote.  Renae

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Agree. These are small improvements that would mean a lot to the users. I have voted for it.

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Can we also have the account numbers left aligned instead if being indented. It gets really messy when you try to remove the spaces and converts the account number into a date field. This especially impacts users who migrated from the old premier version across to AR and all reports links/formulae have to be changed.


Secondly when you run a single period report and export it into Excel the results appear in different columns which as a result forces the user to redo it in a multi-period format.

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Great suggestion. This seems to be a very popular idea. Anyone else who would like to see this bought into the product, please vote for this idea.
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I hope now that this is under consideration, it should be prioritised for the 2013.6 release (or whatever the 2014 version is named).  I believe it is functionality that will alleviate a lot of frustration when generating reports, especially if you intend to export to Excel.

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Please add either a default preference for all reports to show with account numbers or a toggle box in each relevant report perimeter window allowing account numbers to show. Having to manually add account number to all reports and then having to save them before it would print is very average/amateur.

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A few suggestions:


It would be really useful if the following options could be available before the report is run, instead of running the report and then insert/modify:


Account number (for accounting reports)

Fields for date, email, ABN etc.


These used to be in the finishing tab of the old MYOB and meant I didn't have to run the report a couple of times.


Also, is it possible to resize especially the balance sheet report columns to auto-fit the numbers as they always need to be resized, then if the report is re-run, they have to be resized again.


Viewing in pdf for reports showing month by month - even in landscape, columns are cut off.  I have to export to excel to be able to view a full 12 months. Is it possible to have it in a view so the entire year can be seen?



Helen Davison

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In Acc Right Prem Classic - you could easily select report fields which you want to appear in the report. I run a regular inventory report where i juts want Item Name, Item Number and SOH. Easy. Go to Inventory Reports, click Customise, and select these fields.


New Version of Acc Right Prem Live has added sevarel more steps to this. There is no longer Customise option. You have to click on Advanced Filters, run the report, select Insert/Modify tab, then Show/Hide, then choose what columns you want. I discovered today that this very report has a problem with it where it cuts out the Item Name and Item Number Column as soon as you click on Insert/Modify. Tech Support told me it is known issue, and should be fixed in next release! ANd they have only just released new Prem Live version!!


Please put back the Customise option.

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I have always found it annoying that you have to add account numbers to the standard report - they should always be there in the first instance and have the ability to take them away if you dont want them.